Feb. 9-15, 2001
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Two new e-mail programs now available

Staff Report

U.Va. computer users can now check their e-mail from anywhere in the world where there is access to a Web browser and an Internet connection -- via Web Mail, a new program ITC is providing. In addition, ITC will soon be offering a new e-mail program called Mulberry that will be phased in as a replacement for Simeon. Web Mail just became available at http://www.mail.virginia.edu/ to anyone with an account on the central mail server.

Everyone's got mail

At U.Va., there are approximately 30,000 e-mail user accounts (21,000 on the CMS and another 9,000 on unix.mail). The CMS processes an average of 434,000 messages daily on workdays; the CMS and unix.mail combine to process over 900,000 messages daily at peak times.

Web Mail makes it possible to check and respond to e-mail quickly from any Web browser when a full-featured program like Mulberry or Eudora is not available. It does not require any program configuration. Web Mail, however, does not have all the features of a standard e-mail program, such as access to users' address books. It is intended as a convenient supplemental program, not as a full-time replacement for any program.

ITC reviews the marketplace for new products on a regular basis and will continue to look at Web-mail service programs that will meet the needs of the U.Va. community and work with U.Va. servers, said Scott Crittenden, an ITC systems analyst. Feedback on the new program can be sent to: webmail-comments @virginia.edu.

Mulberry will be made available in June as a Simeon replacement, and Mulberry will be the recommended e-mail program for all new incoming students beginning this fall. A team composed of ITC computing staff, departmental local support partners and students chose Mulberry after months of evaluation, testing and piloting. It is a feature-rich, cross-platform e-mail program that provides the most convenient end-user transition from Simeon of any e-mail program available, including migration of messages, folders and address books. Information about the evaluation results is available at http://www.itc. virginia.edu/coo/crossdiv/email/faq.html.

No longer supported by its manufacturer, Simeon will nevertheless remain available to the University community at least through the summer of 2002, providing it continues to work with U.Va.'s mail servers. Eudora will continue to be supported by ITC, and configuration information for Outlook Express will be available.

Departments may switch all of their users from Simeon to Mulberry at the same time; contact ITC's Departmental Computing Support at dept-support@virginia.edu for information and assistance.


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