Feb. 16, 2001
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U.Va. Law School campaign far surpasses original goal -- and all expectations
International adoption clinic opens
Hot Links -- Web site about colds

Cell biology receives $1 million grant

Prey lose fear in absence of predators
Med School sets lottery for free education
Symposium examines technology, media
Center helps assess threats to critical infrastructures
Biological weapons could target ethnic groups
Faculty Senate awards student research projects
Dave Matthews Band coming to U.Va.
Notable -- awards and achievements of faculty and staff
In Memoriam
Valentin Martchev to perform bassoon recital
After Hours -- Brian Del Vecchio


Cold and flu season has struck Charlottesville with a vengeance. In the vein of "know thine enemy," this Web site -- authored by Drs. Jack M. Gwaltney Jr., Frederick G. Hayden and Birgit Winther of the U.Va. Medical Center -- offers everything you ever wanted to know about colds. Some pearls of wisdom: the idea that you are more susceptible if you are chilled is a myth, and blowing your nose may do more harm than good. An interesting site to check out while you're at home recovering.


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