Feb. 16, 2001
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Faculty Senate awards student research projects

Staff Report

The Faculty Senate will award grants of up to $3,000 this month to 43 outstanding undergraduate students and their faculty mentors for support of innovative research projects in a variety of disciplines and schools. They will be recognized at an awards ceremony Feb. 28 at 4 p.m. at Alumni Hall.

"The Faculty Senate would like to commend the many University undergraduates who applied for these awards," said William J. Kehoe, chair of the senate's Research and Scholarship Committee that chose the award-winning projects. "The large number of applications is an inspiring testimonial to the creativity and diverse abilities among our students."

The research awards are supported by a gift from alumnus David A. Harrison III, a retired investment banker who has supported awards over the past several years to recognize exceptional faculty teaching and academic leadership. Out of $160,000 in this year's funds, the awards range from $2,200 to a maximum of $3,000, depending on the needs of the particular project. Each student's faculty mentor receives $1,000, and some declined the stipend, which left more money to be awarded to students.

Beginning their work this semester, the students must complete their projects by the end of summer. Final reports will be submitted to the Faculty Senate, and some of the projects will be showcased in a future symposium.

Erin Barnes Altering Landforms Surrounding the Grand Coulee Dam

Dustin Batson A Study of the Interaction Between Moral Values and International Relations

Gregory Broughton Molecular Properties of Cds & CdSe Semiconductor Nanoparticles Cross Linked

Jennifer Buck Targeting of IL-6 to Primate Erythrocytes

Laura Cacho The Effect of Particular Species, Functional Types & Species Richness

Ryann Collins The Land of 1,000 Hills

Jennifer Cortese Medicine Men and Medical Myth: Reconciling Tradition

Matthew Daniell Efficiency & Technology of the Propulsion System

Christa Dierksheide The Role of Denmark Vesey's Conspiracy in the Greater Atlantic World

Joshua Dittrich Film Adaptions as Translation & Rewriting

Noah Egge Isotopic Determination of Ecosystem Evolution & Vegetation Patterns

Peter Eubanks Textual Editing in Old French: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Various Methods

Judson Frye Nuclear Transport

Milgo Galaydh "Business with/without the State: The Case of the Somali Telecommunications Industry

Samantha Gavin Transmitters Released in the Amygdala

Rebecca Gerber Modernity & Marginalization: Psychological Analysis of Viennese Jewry

Paul Gigante Music & Healing in Bagandou, Central African Republic

Jonathan Grimm The Design, Synthesis & Anticonvulsant Activity of a Substituted Lactams

Suzanne Groves Develop Wave-based Diagnostics/Analyzing Ships Nonlinear Transient Roll Motion

Esther Huang The Protective Role of the AT2 Receptor in Hypertension

Nicholas Jabbour Barriers to the Universal Health Care System in the U.S.

Katherine Kimbrell Health Care for Under-Served Populations in Virginia

Rachel LeRoy Natural, Passive, Low Energy Consuming Methods of Soil Compaction Relief

Catherine Lewis Pathogenesis of Amebiasis

Brandon Lloyd Shifting the Liability for Negligent Decisions from Corporate Entity to Individual

Katrina Mabin Transport of Estradiol Estrogen from Fertilized Fields to Hydrologic Environment

Rachael Mein Incan & Catholic Rituals within

Peru Anne Metz Comparative Health Care Systems: Policy, Priority & Public Health

Elizabeth Niehaus Bilingualism & the Educational System in Valencia, Spain

Blair K. Parker Education, Faith & Politics: Impact of Northern Teachers in the South

Lauren Purnell Comparative Ethical Analysis of Global Health Policies

Jessica Rash The Effects of Aging on Driving With Distraction

Sarah Ribstein Does Invasion of Silene Coincide with the Spread of Agricultural Civilization?

Sam Ross Life's Other Secret: Biological Scaling Laws in Animal Conservation

Kennedy Rubert IV PCB Uptake by Four Tree Species at Four Typical Soil Ph Values

Matthew Schiffler Develop Synthetic Method of Reductive Functionalization of 2-Methylfuran Poonam Sharma n Evolution of Autoantibody Responses in Lupus

Emily Shiver Complex Formation & Nuclear Localization of the Polyadenylation Factor CstF

Amelia Virostko Endocrine Networks & Hormone Pulsatility Robert Watts IV n Development of China's Interior: A Perspective from Chongqing

Elizabeth Whelan Images of Hope: Rebuilding in the Wake of Hurricane

Mitch Hans Woodriff How the Internet is Affecting Traditional Indian Caste

Christopher Yuskaitis Taste Bud Structure & Function in bax- Knockout Mice


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