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New parking rates take effect June 1

By Rebecca Arrington

U.Va. parking permit-holders will see an increase in the amount they pay to park on Grounds June 1. The rate increase will be greater for those who park in spaces close to their work area than for those who park at U-Hall or Scott Stadium and ride the bus to and from their job.

Every three years, the Executive Vice Presidential Committee on Parking and Transportation develops the University's parking and transportation rate plan, which it presents to U.Va. President John T. Casteen III for approval. Committee members, made up of students, faculty and staff, then revisit the plan annually, said P&T director Rebecca White.

"The philosophy of the three-year rate plan is based on increasing the commuter parking fee at a slower pace than the fees charged in some of the more premium lots closer to Grounds,” she said. For permit-holders who park in U-Hall and Scott Stadium the monthly rates will go up $1 this year and in 2003-04. For employees who park in non-premium reserved lots, such as A9, D3 and E3, their rates will go up $2 as of June 1, 2001, 2002 and 2003. Premium reserved lot permit-holders (A0, A1, A3, B1, etc.) will pay an extra $3 come this June, $3 more in June 2002, and another $3 in June 2003. (See chart below.)

Revenue generated from the parking rate increases — as well as from violation fines, garage and meter fees, and a portion of the student fees —is used for lighting and maintenance of existing parking areas. There are some 14,000 spaces, including garage and metered spaces, White noted. Revenue is also used to maintain the University's bus service and is put into a reserve account for future parking needs on Grounds.

White noted that revenues also come from sporting events and from patient and hospital visitor validation, which helps hold down costs to U.Va. parking permit-holders. P&T also "creates partnerships with departments,” when possible to hold down costs. For instance, P&T has entered into joint lighting, paving and sidewalk projects with other U.Va. units, such as athletics and housing.

P&T, by legislative mandate, is an auxiliary service, which means it has to generate its own funding — for building projects, to maintain its fleet, and to pay its employees, White explained. The services it provides, besides the University bus service, include a full-service garage for U.Va.'s fleet of vehicles and air charter services. For more details, visit the P&T Web site at:

University permit-holders' parking rates
Commuter, Resident & Student
(U-Hall and Scott Stadium lots)
University Premium Reserved Lots (such as A0, A1, A3, B1, B4, C1, D1, D2, L, T1, T4)
Through 5/31/01 ...... $10 Through 5/31/01 .........$25
6/1/01-5/31/02 ........ $11 6/1/01-5/31/02 ...........$28
6/1/02-5/31/03 .........$11 6/1/02-5/31/03 ...........$31
6/1/03-5/31/04 .........$12 6/1/03-5/31/04 .......... $34
University Non-Premium Reserved Lots (such as A9, D3 and E3) Student Parking at Specific Dorms
Through 5/31/01 .......$18 Through 5/31/01 ........ $10
6/1/01-5/31/01 .........$20 6/1/01-5/31/01 ...........$12
6/1/02-5/31/03 .........$22 6/1/02-5/31/03 ...........$15
6/1/03-5/31/04 .........$24 6/1/03-5/31/04 ...........$17



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