April 13-29, 2001
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Extending Jefferson's vision

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Extending Jefferson's vision

Dear Friends of the University of Virginia:

The University of Virginia has completed one of the most successful campaigns in the history of higher education, raising $1.43 billion in philanthropic support. Widely acknowledged as a new standard for fund raising by a public institution, the campaign will be of immeasurable benefit to students and faculty in this generation and those to come. This result could not have been achieved without the full backing of the Board of Visitors and especially the inspirational leadership of the University’s president, John T. Casteen III. On behalf of the Campaign Executive Committee, we call on all members of the University community to join us in thanking President Casteen for the extraordinary role he played in the success of the campaign, which in turn has led to an unprecedented enhancement of the University’s reputation.

From the initial planning to the official conclusion on Dec. 31, 2000, the campaign was a decade-long endeavor. John Casteen stayed with it every step of the way, never wavering in his commitment to its ambitious goals. In addition to his unflagging energy, he brought to this effort an incomparable ability to articulate a vision for the University and to persuade others to share his aspirations for its future. Our campaign had the right message – and the right messenger.

Drawing on a deep reserve of good will in favorable economic times, the campaign had the wind at its back, but the president’s tenacity and hard work carried it to a level far beyond anyone’s expectations. The success of this campaign has put the University in a position to determine its own destiny, and for this we owe John Casteen an enormous debt.


Edward C. Mitchell Jr.
Campaign Co-chairman

Thomas A. Saunders III
Campaign Co-chairman



© Copyright 2001 by the Rector and Visitors
of the University of Virginia

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