April 20-26, 2001
Vol. 31, Issue 14
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Off the beaten path
U.Va. to propose health insurance subsidy for its graduate assistants
New foundation will support Arts & Sciences
Congress among 2001 Muzzle Award winners
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Caplin decries trend toward multidisciplinary law practices

How teachers draw their students in
Using new technology brings major changes to arts precinct classrooms
Architecture team designs high-tech Wright model
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Off the beaten path

Rebecca Arrington

While many people are familiar with the gardens between the pavilions and the ranges, there are other garden spots on Grounds that are especially attractive now with warm weather bringing out the flowers. Several landscaping employees from Facilities Management recommended spots on Grounds that might provide a momentary getaway from the end-of-semester rush.

The gardens at Carr’s Hill include lawns and sitting areas as well as a variety of flowers and shrubs.

Behind Clemons Library, next to Miller Hall, there is a quiet nook with a cherry tree and azaleas. There is another quiet niche on the south side of the Bayly Museum, with azaleas and flowering magnolias. Full story.

U.Va. to propose health insurance subsidy for its graduate assistants

Staff Report

University administrators will recommend a $900 annual subsidy next year for nearly 2,000
graduate students to help cover the cost of their health insurance. U.Va.’s Board of Visitors will consider the proposal along with the 2001-02 budget at its June 15-16 meeting.

The subsidy would apply to teaching and research assistants who earn at least $5,000 per year for their academic work and to other graduate students whose fellowships are $5,000 or above. This is close to 60 percent of the graduate students in engineering, architecture, nursing, basic medical sciences, education and arts & sciences.

“I am delighted that we may be able to offer this benefit to our graduate assistants,” said Vice President and Provost Peter W. Low. “Members of my staff have been working with the deans, graduate-student representatives and others for nearly a year to find a way to address this issue. The approach they have developed is an important step in our efforts to deal with the under-funding of our graduate programs.” Full story.

Private donors commit $77.7 million for endowment
New foundation will support Arts & Sciences

By Kennedy Kipps

 The College Foundation
Photo Illustration by Luca E. DiCecco

Committed to ensuring the future success of Arts & Sciences at the University, leading
alumni and administrators will officially launch a non-profit fund-raising foundation today. Prior to the public announcement, a group of philanthropists, most of them College alumni, made gifts totaling $77.7 million to advance the school’s academic, programmatic and capital needs.

Created by alumni of the College of Arts & Sciences after receiving approval from the U.Va. Board of Visitors last June, the College Foundation is designed to attract high-level private investment in the University’s core undergraduate liberal-arts programs. It is a Virginia non-stock corporation organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Nine donors, who individually pledged $5 million or more, have been named founding sponsors. Full story.

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