May 11-17, 2001
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Intern program offers new job perspective

Classified employees seeking to enhance their careers are invited to apply to the Administrative Internship Program, which places successful candidates in six-month internships with senior University administrators.

The deadline is June 15. Interns choose their placement and receive the same salary and benefits during the program that they receive in their regular posts. Interns will return to their departments at the conclusion of the internship. The experience is intended to offer enhanced knowledge and skills, experience in a senior administrative environment, greater visibility and enhanced career options.

Althea Brooks said her internship has been “a wonderful experience,” shifting her from a senior buyer in procurement to corporate relations with the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

“It’s been a big learning experience for me,” she said, noting that the internship involved many things she had not anticipated, such as a trip to Richmond to see the legislature in action.

Polly Ewell stepped from being an assistant to the associate dean of finance at the Medical School to working for the vice president of research and public service. She said the program was “a terrific opportunity” and would recommend it. Both women praised their supervisors for approving their participation.

The most competitive applicants are classified staff members from grades six through 11 and health care professionals. Applicants are judged on their accomplishments and their potential for making successful contributions through the internship experience. First consideration is given to employees who have bachelor’s degrees or equivalent work experience and who have been University employees for at least three years.

To apply, send a cover letter (no more than two pages), resumé and three letters of recommendation (under a separate cover) to Administrative Internship Program, Organizational Development and Training, Suite B, 2400 Old Ivy road, Box 400903.

For information, visit or contact program coordinator Rick Benner at


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