June 8 -June 21, 2001
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Time to pick Mulberry

Mulberry, the new e-mail program that replaces Simeon, is now available and can be downloaded from ITC's Software Central Web site, http://www.itc.virginia.edu/central/. The new cross-platform, full-featured electronic mail program is free to all students, faculty and staff for as long as they are affiliated with the University, and may be used either on or off Grounds. It will be bundled with all new DCI computers ordered after June 1.

Help with Mulberry installation and set-up, including a Quick Start guide and a tutorial, are available at http://www.itc.virginia.edu/desktop/email/mulberry/. ITC's Departmental Computing Support staff will provide training or an in-house demonstration upon departmental request via e-mail at dept-support@virginia.edu. Users can also get assistance from the ITC Computing Help Desk at 924-3731.

Most current Simeon users should be able to migrate to Mulberry without difficulty. Those who have Simeon mail folders stored on their own computers rather than the mail server will need to move the messages in those local folders to the server in order for Mulberry to access them. ITC has temporarily increased all users' quotas on the Central Mail Service (CMS) in order to accommodate the migration process.
A substantial permanent increase of all CMS user quotas will be announced in the fall. For information on migrating local Simeon folders to Mulberry, see the Mulberry Web site.

Mulberry is replacing Simeon, because the latter is no longer being developed by its vendor, Esys Corp. Simeon will be supported by ITC and be available on Software Central at least through summer 2002, providing it continues to work with the University's mail servers.


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