Aug. 24-30, 2001
Vol. 31, Issue 25
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Taking research on the road
Scientists get $9.3 million to study diabetes link with heart disease
Employee bonus plans in the works
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Taking research on the road
Lance Dougald and Brian Smith
Matt Kelly
Lance Dougald (left) and Brian Smith sit in the back of the Smart Travel van, reviewing traffic data as it is collected on computer monitors.

By Matt Kelly

It’s a long way from counting cars by hand to see how bad traffic is.

Brian Smith, assistant professor of civil engineering at U.Va., and Lance Dougald, a transportation engineer for the Virginia Transportation Research Council, sat in the parking lot of the Charlottesville Fire Department on the 250 bypass, monitoring traffic with a video camera that hovered overhead on a pole and computers from the back of the Smart Travel van. As the cars whizzed by, they appeared on a video terminal, their speed registering and a letter popping up to denote vehicle classification.

“We can get a print of how the highway is operating,” Dougald said, scanning the images on the computer screen. Full story.

Scientists get $9.3 million to study diabetes link with heart disease

By Catherine Seigerman Wolz

People with diabetes are four times as likely to develop heart disease, which accounts for three quarters of deaths of diabetics, but researchers have not yet proven why. As the number of diabetic Americans soars past the current estimate of 16 million, according to the American Diabetes Association, scientists are looking at the link between both diseases, starting at the cell level.

One of the largest such efforts has begun this month at the U.Va. Health System with a five-year, $9.3 million grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health. Full story.

Employee bonus plans in the works

By Matt Kelly

Managers will now have more options to acknowledge noteworthy employees.

The University has adopted a new plan to reward employees for their workplace contributions, outside the annual review system. The policy presents a framework of nine categories, such as public service, customer service, attendance, improved sales, outstanding performance and worthwhile suggestions. Most of these are broken into three tiers of rewards, with the first level stopping at $250 and the third level at $1,000. The plan, which went into effect on July 1, also carries awards of up to five days’ leave. Full story.


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