Sept. 7-13, 2001
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Football game changes usual permit parking

By Dan Heuchert

The Sept. 13 home football game against Penn State will pose difficulties for those who park, teach or work near the Carl W. Smith Center, but University officials are confident that the situation will be well in hand. The game starts at 7:30 p.m.

“We’ve gotten great cooperation in the past,” said Rebecca White, director of Parking and Transportation, whose office must ensure that regular weekday permit-holders have cleared their cars from stadium lots by 4 p.m. so those spaces are available for football fans by 5:30 p.m. P&T towed 11 vehicles for the University’s first Thursday-night game in 1995; that number dropped to four for the second Thursday game in 1997 and zero on the day of the Dave Matthews Band concert, held Saturday, April 21.

Regular permit-holders “now accept it,” she said.

Likewise, assistant provost Wynne Stuart said that reconciling the University’s academic needs with its football schedule has become old hat after the two previous games and the concert. “The Auburn game [in 1997] was on the first Thursday of classes,” meaning professors did not have the opportunity to discuss their game-night plans with students before the game, Stuart said. “This is the third Thursday of classes. We can do just fine. Compared to 1997, I’m not worried.”

The chief concern is parking. The lots at and near the stadium — used heavily by University students, faculty and employees on weekdays — are also sold for football games to those who give generously to the Virginia Student Aid Foundation.

Those whose parking the game will affect have been notified, White said, and they will be reminded again next week and on game day. Students who park in the S5 and S6 lots on the west side of the stadium are being asked to move their cars to University Hall lots by 1 a.m. Thursday. All others are requested to move their cars to U-Hall by 4 p.m.

Many of those who park at the stadium are Health System employees. To accommodate those who are displaced, UTS will run additional buses between U-Hall and the Medical Center throughout the day Thursday and during the game, White said.

If any cars are removed from Medical Center parking areas, they will be relocated to the M6 parking lot at the corner of 10th and Grove streets, White said. A telephone hotline (982-2830) has been set up to assist owners of towed vehicles in locating their cars.

The University will not issue a Grounds-wide order to cancel classes Thursday afternoon and evening, Stuart said. Parking has been reserved in the R1 (between Ruffner Hall and the Physics building) and C1 (between Clark and Kerchof halls) lots for faculty who choose to teach their classes Thursday afternoon and night. They must secure permits for those lots in advance, White said.

Likewise, the University is not officially modifying employee work schedules and will “maintain all normal operations,” according to a memo issued by Thomas E. Gausvik, the University’s chief human resource officer. However, managers are encouraged to be flexible in their scheduling arrangements for employees, he wrote, to alleviate traffic congestion. Options include asking employees to work four 10-hour days and take Thursday off, or changing Thursday shift hours.

Fans attending the game are being asked to delay their arrival until 5:30 p.m. at the earliest.


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