Sept. 14, 2001
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A time of mourning

Honor System's credibility may be put on trial this fall
Carrying the Honor Code into cyberspace
Honoring the code: How to promote academic honesty

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U.Va. awards first FEST grants to fund excellence in science and technology
Office strengthens research support
Orientation on research set for Sept. 20
Notable -- awards and achievements of faculty and staff
Clarification -- article on diabetes
In Memoriam
Conference gets jiggy with creativity
Cabinetmaker builds career crafting raw wood into pieces with Jeffersonian elegance


An article on diabetes, “Preventing a slow, silent epidemic,” that ran in the Aug. 24 Inside U.Va. should have stated that the disease can be controlled through diet, exercise and medication. Under the effects of diabetes, the article should have stated that sugar build-up in the blood can damage small and large blood vessels. This leads to long-term complications such as blindness, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and amputations.


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