Sept. 14-20, 2001
Vol. 31, Issue 28
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A time of mourning

Honor System's credibility may be put on trial this fall
U.S. News ranks U.Va. No. 2 this year
Carrying the Honor Code into cyberspace
Honoring the code: How to promote academic honesty

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Candlelight vigil

Rebecca Arrington
Sept. 11, the night of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., students, faculty, staff and others filled the lower terraces of the Lawn in front of Old Cabell Hall for about an hour starting at 8 p.m. to share their sorrow and comfort.

Honor System's credibility may be put on trial this fall

By Dan Heuchert

What’s black and white and read all over?

This fall, it will be Monday editions of the Cavalier Daily. That’s because Monday issues traditionally include the “honor black box,” which discloses in simple declarative sentences the fate of those accused of committing honor offenses. With the plagiarism cases from physics professor Louis Bloomfield’s “How Things Work” course having drawn international attention since the news broke in May, members of the University community will be carefully monitoring the outcomes of what will likely be an unprecedented number of weekend honor trials this fall.

The Honor Committee hopes to clear all 130 cases arising from the popular physics course by the end of the fall semester, said Thomas Hall, the committee chair. Through Aug. 1, 36 cases had been investigated, with 25 dropped before trial, most commonly because those accused were found to be unknowing “source papers” for the accused plagiarists.

The remaining 11 cases were sent to trial. Only one has been conducted, resulting in a guilty verdict, according to statistics released by the Honor Committee.

The charges were filed late in the spring semester after Bloomfield was informed by a student of possible cheating in his popular “How Things Work” class. He created a computer program that would allow him to check thousands of term papers submitted for the course against each other for similarities, flagging papers which had identical strings of words. Charges were eventually filed against 130 current and former students.

Roughly half are authors of papers thought to have been “source” papers, Hall said. They are likely to be cleared in pre-trial investigations unless there is some reason to believe they knowingly aided the plagiarism, which is an honor offense, he said. Full story.

U.S. News ranks U.Va. No. 2 this year

Staff Report

The University of Virginia is ranked the No. 2 public university and 21st among all national universities, public or private, in U.S. News & World Report’s 2001 college rankings, published Sept. 10.

Only two other public universities are listed in the top 25: the University of California-Berkeley at 20th and the University of Michigan, 25th. Last year, U.Va. and Cal-Berkeley tied for the top public spot at 20th overall.

Though the object of much controversy in educational circles, the U.S. News rankings are widely read and cited.

According to this year’s rankings, U.Va. has the highest graduation rate of any public college or university and is ninth overall. In the magazine’s listing of “great schools at great prices,” U.Va. and the University of Missouri-Columbia are the top-ranked public universities, tied at eighth overall with Dartmouth and MIT. In calculating best values, U.S. News considers the cost of tuition and need-based aid to out-of-state students, along with each institution’s overall quality ranking. Full story.


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