Sept. 21-27, 2001
Vol. 31, Issue 29
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In time of national tragedy
University community comes together
Forum focuses on Middle East
Memorial photos

Students share in nation's sorrow

Professors find a teachable moment in terrorism
Ethics & society talks
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In time of national tragedy
Matt Kelly
Students, such as the brothers of St. Elmo’s fraternity, expressed their patriotism, and called for prayer and justice in the wake of the terrorist attack on America last week.

University community comes together

As Americans reeled and reacted to the tragic terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, U.Va. was no exception. This issue of Inside UVA captures some of
the reactions and mourning that we, as U.S. citizens or members of the human community, are going through.

The immediacy of e-mail and the Internet made it possible for U.Va. President John T. Casteen III to send to the University community several messages with information about counseling, blood drives and vigils, along with moral guidance. Faculty came forward to share their expertise with various news media, offering their perspectives towards trying to understand last week’s events, from terrorism to trauma in children. Along with candlelight prayer gatherings, some faculty led a discussion about the Middle East, touching upon politics, U.S. foreign policy, and humanitarian and cultural aspects.

From the first news that something terrible was happening in New York City to the memorial service at University Hall on Friday, which President George W. Bush declared “A Day of Prayer and Remembrance,” the University, along with the world’s communities, suffered and stood together. Classes were canceled and University offices closed for two hours midday to allow members of the University community to gather for prayer and reflection. Full story.

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