Nov. 16-29, 2001
Vol. 31, Issue 37
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Students enlighten community
Deans slow new spending
Photos show aftermath of Rwandan genocide
Q&A: Ayers builds future on founder's model

Martin: Immigration laws need to be realistic

Medical Center reaches settlement
Notable -- awards and achievements of faculty and staff
Play explores the foibles of greed
Campaign pleas for local charity support
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Poet and editor R.T. Smith to read at U.Va. Nov. 29

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Students enlighten community
Ryann Collins

Many children in Rwanda
are now orphans, a result of
the tribal warring that occurred
there in the 1990s. Fourth-year
U.Va. student Ryann Collins, left, visited the country earlier this year as an intern with the U.N.’s Genocide Tribunal. To document
her work, Collins took photos, which she presented at a recent exhibition in Fayerweather Hall. Collins is one of U.Va.’s 43 David A. Harrison III Undergraduate Research Award recipients.

See Photos show aftermath of Rwandan genocide

Rebecca Arrington

Ryann Collins

Senate highlights work of Harrison undergraduate researchers

By Matt Kelly

Eight undergraduate students presented their research Nov. 6 to a group of fellow students and faculty members at the Colonnade Club.

The students were among 43 winners last year of the David A. Harrison III Undergraduate Research Awards. Students submitted applications for the next round of Harrison grants this week. Full story.

Deans slow new spending
Many states’ budget problems are result of economic downturn

By Anne Bromley

Reading the handwriting on the wall, several deans have moved to slow this year’s spending in anticipation of possible mid-year state budget cuts.

Edward L. Ayers, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, sent a memo to department chairs on Nov. 8 suspending faculty recruitment and hiring. “We must not make any new, long-term financial commitments,” he said, “until the uncertainty about the budget can be resolved.”

David Breneman, dean of the Curry School and a national expert on the funding of higher education, declared a moratorium on faculty hiring Nov. 1. “I told the faculty, until we get some clarity on the situation, it’s the responsible thing to do.”

Karen Van Lengen, dean of the Architecture School, also has asked department chairs to suspend faculty searches until she reviews all expenses to understand where cuts could be made, if necessary, with the least impact on the school.

Although neither the state nor the University has mandated belt tightening, the deans say they are reacting to a weakened economy and the financial aftermath of the events of Sept. 11. Full story.


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