Nov. 30-Dec. 6, 2001
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Board: Rework ailing budget
Employees catch theft suspect
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George Washington
stopped here
Papers of George Washington
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJenny Gerow
The Papers of George Washington in Alderman Library received a special visitor last week. Washington himself stopped by the office to peruse his papers.
OK. We cannot tell a lie. It was not really the nation’s father, but historical interpreter James Renwick Manship, a member of Mount Vernon’s board of visitors, who was in town for Charlottesville’s annual Thanksgiving festival.
Washington issued his landmark Thanksgiving Proclamation, beginning the national holiday tradition, in 1789 at the urging of Congress.
Letters and documents written by Washington, as well as correspondence written to him, will eventually be published in approximately 90 volumes by The Papers of George Washington, a grant-funded project established at U.Va. in 1969 under the joint auspices of the University and the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association of the Union. Forty-four volumes are now finished.
For more on the collection, go to

Board: Rework ailing budget

By Matt Kelly

Medical Center officials will rework their budget after a lower-than-expected bot-
tom line in the quarter that ended Sept. 30 and possible red ink in October.

Although firm numbers were not yet available, it appears that the Health System lost money in October, Larry Fitzgerald, associate vice president of finance for the hospital, told the Board of Visitors’ Health Affairs Committee at a meeting Nov. 15.

Board members William H. Goodwin Jr. and Thomas A. Saunders III advised Fitzgerald that it would be wise to recalculate a more realistic budget now, in light of the negative numbers.

In the quarter that ended in September, the hospital operated at a $2.3 million margin of revenues over expenses — which Fitzgerald said was not good, being $6.7 million under what had been forecast. Still, it was better than many similar institutions, hr pointed out. Patient days were up and net revenues increased compared to last year, but so did total operating expenses.

Fitzgerald blamed a 7 percent drop in admissions to the hospital’s turning away patients earlier in the year because there was no room, producing a lingering effect on referrals.

Total expenses for the Medical Center, as of the end of September, were slightly below budget, but 12.6 percent higher than last year, with salaries and wages both over budget. Full story.

McGruff the crime dog
McGruff the crime dog

Employees catch theft suspect

By Matt Kelly

The University Police Department recently honored six U.Va. Health System employees for their fast thinking when they detained a woman who was later charged with theft and fraud.

University Police spokeswoman Melissa Fielding said the arrest of Gerlene Scott, 19, may clear up between 12 and 20 reported cases of theft around the Medical Center. Scott, of Cartersville, was charged with two felony counts of credit card fraud and two counts of misdemeanor credit card theft. Other charges may be pending.

According to Fielding, Scott made a voluntary statement to police on Nov. 13 admitting to multiple thefts, and some physical evidence was taken from her.

Scott, who has no affiliation with the University, is accused of taking two credit cards from one Medical Center employee and using them in area stores to purchase gasoline and unspecified automobile parts. The fraud charges, which will be prosecuted in Albemarle County, are felonies because the purchases exceeded $1,000. Charlottesville will prosecute the misdemeanor thefts, since they happened in that jurisdiction. Full story.



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