Nov. 30-Dec. 6, 2001
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Craig E. Barton, associate professor and director of American Urbanism in the School of Architecture, was awarded a special commendation from the Southeast Chapter of Architectural Historians for “Sites of Memory: Perspectives on Architecture and Race,” a book developed from a symposium held at U.Va. in March 1999. Barton contributed to and edited the collection of essays that explore aspects of identity and spatial representation in African-American culture.

New Literary History has become the first English literary journal to be translated into Chinese. Although previously accessible in China to readers who knew English, this issue, produced in collaboration with Tsinghua University Press of Beijing, is the first in what will be an annual series of volumes containing selected essays from New Literary History, according to Ralph Cohen, journal editor.

• The October issue of PMLA, the journal of the Modern Languages Association, praised the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, calling its Web site, http://jefferson.village, “a marvelous location” and its Dante project, an examination of the world of Dante’s “Inferno,” “phenomenal.”

Dr. Robert M. Carey, dean of the School of Medicine and the James Carroll Flippin Professor of Medical Science, has been named president of the American Clinical and Climatological Association, a national organization of 175 elected members from multiple disciplines within the broad scope of medicine.
Carey has also received the Irvine Page-Alva Bradley Lifetime Achievement Award in Hypertension from the American Heart Association, presented each year to an individual with outstanding achievement in the field of hypertension. Carey’s work has focused on the hormonal control of blood pressure and has led to new approaches to the treatment of high blood pressure.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science’s Capstone Program has been named one of two runners-up of the 2001 Boeing Outstanding Educator Award for college faculty and departments engaged in undergraduate teaching and educational process improvement. The Capstone Program is a required course for fourth-year students majoring in systems engineering. The winner was Clarkson University, and Harvey Mudd Colleges’ Professor Clive L. Dym was the other runner-up.

• Five faculty members have been named 2001-02 Fulbright Scholar Grant recipients. Scott K. DeVeaux, associate professor of music, and his wife, Vivian E. Thomson, assistant professor of government and foreign affairs, went to the University of Southern Denmark, Odense to lecture on jazz history and environmental American politics, respectively. History professor John W. Israel will go to Yunnan Institute of the Nationalities, Kunming, in China in February, where he will research China’s 1960s generation. Suzanne Louis, associate director of the International Studies Office, went to Helsinki University of Technology in Finland, where she is researching international exchange and mobility programs. Robert Mason Weikle, associate professor of electrical engineering, is visiting Chalmers University of Technology in Gotenborg, Sweden, to research communications applications of monolithic millimeter-wave integrated components.

At the same time two researchers from abroad have come to U.Va.: Frank Austermuhl, assistant professor at the University of Mainz, Germersheim, Germany, is researching the role of U.S. presidential rhetoric in intercultural communication, and Olena Oleksandrivna Boriak, senior researcher, Center of Ukrainian Folklore and Ethnology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, is researching and lecturing on the ritual and mythology of the midwifery.

• Assistant landscape architecture professor Julie Bargmann and her firm, D.I.R.T. studio, have received one of six awards presented Nov. 14 by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution. Bargmann, honored in the environmental category, was praised as “a design evangelist” for her work with blighted industrial sites, collaborating with artists, scientists and others to convert them to new public spaces.


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