Feb. 2-14, 2002
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May I have this dance?

By Joanna Gluckman

Put on your dancing shoes and swirl in the fourth annual U.Va. Dance Mar-
athon Feb. 15-16. Students and faculty are invited to participate in the all-night dance party to raise money for the Health System’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

The 24-hour dance marathon has become a much-anticipated event for University students. Last year, more than 300 dancers raised over $43,000 for the U.Va. Hospital’s NICU and hopes are even higher this year.

Brooke Bakun, dance marathon chair, urges faculty members to take an active role in the event.

“Donations, of course, are greatly appreciated, but participation at the event could be more meaningful,” she said.

Interested faculty members are encouraged to visit the Dance-a-thon from 4-7 p.m., on Feb. 16. At that time, children who spent time in the intensive care unit, their parents, doctors and nurses will join in the celebration.

For information, call Brooke Bakun at 293-5311, or visit the Dance Marathon Web site: www.student.virginia.edu/~uvadm/dance.shtml.


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