April 5-11, 2002
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P&T defers some parking rate hikes

By Dan Heuchert

Summer parking rate increases have become an annual rite the past three years. In this year of pay freezes, though, many employees will see their rate hike deferred for six months, while others will see no increase at all.

“The implementation of rate increases should be deferred until we are able to provide compensation adjustments in some form to our employees,” said Leonard W. Sandridge, executive vice president and chief operating officer. “However, the expectations of faculty and staff for safe and convenient parking almost ensures that rates for the most sought-after parking locations will continue to rise.”

Rate increases

• Those who park at U-Hall and Scott Stadium (blue and red permits) will see no increase in their $11 monthly fees.

• Students who park near their dorms (orange permits) will pay $15 per month, up from $12, beginning June 1.

• As of Dec. 1, those who park in further-out reserved areas (green permits) will pay $2 more, to $22 per month.

• Beginning Dec. 1, those who park in premium reserved areas (green permits) will have their monthly fees increased from $28 to $31.

• Medical Center lot fees will not be increased.

Jan Cornell, vice chair of the Employee Communications Council for the provost’s area applauded the decision.

“I’m thrilled to death,” she said. “I think it was the good and right thing for the University to do.”

Parking fees account for more than 35 percent of Parking and Transportation’s revenues. As an auxiliary enterprise, it must fund its own operations, including building and maintaining parking lots and garages and providing free bus service.

For the past three years, P&T has increased fees June 1, the beginning of the permit year. However, this year’s increases for holders of green, “University reserved,” permits will take effect Dec. 1. Those holding blue, red or Medical Center permits will see no increases.

Two rates will increase June 1. Students with orange permits, which allow them to park near student housing, will see their rates go up by $3, while the hourly rate for the Central Grounds garage will increase from $1.30 to $1.50.

The increased revenue will go toward construction of a new parking garage near the intersection of Ivy Road and Emmet Street, and help offset parking losses due to construction of the new South Lawn precinct and Studio Arts Building. University Transit also plans to replace three 20-year-old buses with new models, which cost $280,000 apiece.

There are free or low-cost alternatives to parking at U.Va., P&T director Rebecca White stressed. Charlottesville Transit Service runs a free trolley between the Grounds and downtown. The JAUNT system offers van-pooling from Crozet, Fluvanna, Louisa and Nelson, as well as its “Big Blue” service along U.S. 29 North. Greene County Transit also offers commuter service from Stanardsville.
See http://www.commuterinformation.com.


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