April 26-May 2, 2002
Vol. 32, Issue 15
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Budget includes bonuses, budget cuts
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Provost and faculty visit Arizona

LBT Telescope

A model of the Large Binocular Telescope structure to be built at Mount Graham, Ariz. More on the LBT is available online at: http://mgpc3.as.arizona.edu/.

By Fariss Samarrai

Five representatives of the University came away from a recent trip to Arizona with a greater understanding of the complexities surrounding its proposed partnership in a large binocular telescope consortium. No decision has been made as to whether U.Va. will join the telescope partnership.

The trip to the Mount Graham International Observatory and the surrounding area April 6-9 included meetings with Apache tribal members, activists, local elected officials and representatives of the University of Arizona. U.Va. is the first university to visit with Apache tribal members regarding possible membership in the telescope consortium.

“The U.Va. group believes that the visit was valuable,” said Gene D. Block, vice president and provost of U.Va. “It provided an opportunity to hear from a larger group of tribal members and leaders than would have been possible in Charlottesville.” Other members of the visiting group were Ellen Contini-Morava, chair of the anthropology department; Virginia Hymes, a retired anthropology professor; Robert Rood, chair of the astronomy department; and Steve Majewski, an astronomy professor.

The visiting group held a press briefing April 18 to discuss their findings during the trip. Full story.

Budget includes bonuses, budget cuts

By Matt Kelly

Virginia legislators gave final approval April 17 to Gov. Mark Warner’s plan to speed up bonuses for state employees this year.

Meeting in a one-day, reconvened session, the General Assembly OK’d Warner’s budget amendment moving state employee bonuses from Dec. 31 to Aug. 30. The one-time, 2.5 percent payments do not become part of base pay.

Employees will have the option of taking up to two weeks of additional leave instead of a bonus, or a combination of leave and bonus. Employees taking the leave option have from July 1, 2002 until June 30, 2003 to use the additional leave time. Full story.



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