June 21-July 12, 2002
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Job talk

Myth: Resumés aren’t worth the effort. Just fill out a U.Va. application and wait to get called for an interview.

Reality: Think again. Human Resources receives over 100 applications each day. When you’re serious about a job search, a good resumé can help you stand out from the crowd.

Action: In addition to submitting a resumé with your application, here’s how resumés can help if you take the important time and energy to put yourself down in words:

1. “This is what I do best.” Resumés are a good way to clarify your skills and accomplishments. A great morale boost, too.

2. “Please keep me in mind.” Give your resumé to friends, colleagues and contacts. Are you convinced you are the right person for the job? Hand-deliver your resumé to the hiring official.

3. “Here’s why to hire me.” Take some time to research the department. Think about what they do and how you can help. Tailor your resumé for each job opportunity and prove why you’re the perfect candidate.

4. “Perhaps you’d like to look over my resumé.” Give one to the interviewer at the beginning of an interview. It can help set your agenda and put your best foot forward.

How Employee Career Services can help:

• Take our resumé workshop. “Pulling It All Together: How to Develop Your Career Portfolio and Resumé.” Call 243-5998 for scheduling information or to register.

• Do a resumé critique. Set an appointment to meet with a career consultant for a one-on-one meeting by e-mailing employeecareerservices@virginia.edu.

• Check our Web page. Other career workshops are posted at http://www.hrs.virginia.edu/career.

Employee Career Services is a Division of University Human Resources and provides career planning services at no charge to University employees, including full-time and part-time faculty, classified staff and hourly and temporary employees.


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