Sept. 13-26, 2002
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Ethically speaking ...

Discussion of ethics also is hitting the airwaves this fall. A new local public-television series, Ethically Speaking, hosted by Law School Dean John C. Jeffries Jr., will feature 13 half-hour programs on different topics such as “The Body Parts Business,” “The Ethics of Pregnancy,” “Fighting an Ethical War,” “Physician-Assisted Suicide,” and “Teaching Kids Right from Wrong” — with experts from U.Va. and elsewhere.

The show, which debuts this month, airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. and again Sundays at 11 a.m. on WHTJ-TV, Charlottesville’s PBS affiliate. Upcoming topics include:

Sept. 14 n “Fighting an Ethical War.” On ethics in modern warfare.
Sept. 19 & 21 n “Body Parts Business.” On the booming trade in human organs.
Oct. 3 & 5 n “Diplomas or Trophies?” On the proper role of athletics in higher education.

Oct. 10 & 12 n “Emotion vs. Logic.” On the role of emotions in moral judgments and decision-making.

Oct. 17 & 19 n “Ethics of Pregnancy.” On who makes decisions about the health of unborn children.

Oct. 24 & 26 n “Teaching Kids Right from Wrong.” On whose job it is too teach children morals.

Oct. 31 & Nov. 2 n “Wealthy Candidates, Winning Campaigns.” On the political impact of candidates’ personal wealth.

Nov. 7 & 9 n “Who Owns Innovation?” On intellectual property rights.
TBA n “Physician-Assisted Suicide.” On the debate over legalizing the practice.
TBA n “Protecting Our Environment.” On the use and preservation of natural resources.

Most of the programs were taped this past spring under the supervision of Conni Lombardo, executive producer, vice president and general manager of WHTJ.
For information and a listing of panelists, see /start.html.


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