Sept. 27-Oct. 10, 2002
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Time form, earnings statement show off new look

Integrated Systems Project Employees who received new time sheets Sept. 25 should be on the lookout for more than just a change from round circles to little rectangles.

The new form is a result of integrating the Oracle Human Resources payroll system with all University human resources and financial information — Phase 2 of the Integrated Systems Project. While the greatest impact will be on people with HR/payroll responsibilities in departments and offices throughout the University (excluding the Medical Center), all employees need to be aware of several changes.

Questions after

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All salaried classified employees and research assistants will fill out the time management forms twice a month, but employees will continue to be paid on the same monthly or semi-monthly schedule. Human Resources will evaluate in January whether to offer monthly paid staff the option of changing to a semi-monthly pay schedule.

Wage employees, including student workers and UVA Temps, will also fill out the new form for the hours they work. They are not required to submit the time sheet if they did not work any hours during the pay period.

Among the biggest changes are new codes for the correct type of sick leave, including personal and family. They are different for the majority of employees who are in the Virginia Sickness and Disability Plan than for older employees who stayed with the previous leave system. (See below.)

The earnings statement sent to employees’ homes also will have changes. An employee number is used instead of the Social Security number; leave hours and pay will be itemized in the pay information box; and the employee’s bank account number will no longer be recorded on the form. In the employer-paid benefits box, new codes stand for more specific details that are explained online at

Prefilled with hours for salaried classified employees and research assistants: prefilled with zeroes for hourly paid wage employees, including U.Va. Temps.

Time and Leave Sheet

• All classified salaried employees will submit a signed time management form, even if no leave was taken or extra compensation earned during the pay period. An employee still must record the regular hours worked in the right-hand column and get the form signed.

• Classified wage employees are not required to submit a time management form if they did not work any hours during the pay period. 

• The time management form has two spaces for leave type each day. If more than two types of leave are used on the same day, more than one code may be written in a space or additional copies of the form can be made as needed.


• Check your earnings statement to ensure its accuracy with regard to pay, leave and benefits on the new form. It should be the same as before.

• Keep your address current so that your earnings statement is not sent to an incorrect address.

• Be sure both you and your supervisor sign your time sheet. If your supervisor is unavailable to sign your time sheet, it must be signed by the acting supervisor before the timekeeper can approve the time card in Oracle. 

• The new time-and-leave form does not include the employee’s total leave balances. That is recorded on the earnings statement, which is mailed home.

• For Virginia Sickness and Disability Program participants, use the following codes: VS for sick leave and FP for family/personal leave.

• Participants not in VSDP record S for sick leave and FS for family sick leave.

Earnings Statement

• A five-digit organization number replaces the home department code.

• The employee number replaces the Social Security number.

• The bank account number is deleted.

• Leave elements with hours and pay are itemized.

• In the Taxes and Deductions box, individuals with VRS supplemental life for themselves or their spouses may see a different deduction amount, as rates are now age-based by covered individual, instead of by employee. VRS requested this change some time ago, but implementation was delayed until the launch of Oracle in order to avoid duplicative, expensive programming.


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