Nov. 22- Dec. 5, 2002
Vol. 32, Issue 31
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Expect anything
Department chairs champion faculty concerns, guide progress
Larry Goedde
Photo by Andrew Shurtleff
Building consensus within the department is very important, says Larry Goedde, chairman of the art department.

By Anne Bromley

The skeleton leered at her from the couch in her office.

This was no Halloween trick. Art professor Megan Marlatt shrieked as she stumbled into the furniture and then heaved a sigh as she picked up the phone to call Larry Goedde, her department chair.

It happened again. The skeleton used for drawing classes was out of the closet. After she’d cooled down, Marlatt could see the humor in it and shot off a memo to her colleagues, asking them to move it or “The next time I find a skeleton on my couch, I’m throwing it off the roof of Brooks Hall!”

It was just another day for Goedde, who has chaired the art department since 1994. He and other faculty who have taken on the job in various departments say they learn to expect the unexpected.

Like the unexpected pleasures of getting closer to their colleagues, of having the chance to understand their work better, of helping them solve problems.

Regardless of a department’s size, the chair should be there to help faculty members in any way possible, from breaking through a stumbling block in research to finding additional funds. Full story.

Benefits reminders

By Anne Bromley

From time-off to fee hikes, several facets of benefits are affecting U.Va. employees.

Employees will get an extra eight hours off, with the “float time” added to compensatory leave, as a result of Gov. Mark R. Warner giving state employees Christmas Eve day off. The University had already scheduled that day as a holiday.

In another matter, the open enrollment period ends Dec. 6 for those employees who would like to make changes to certain benefits, such as flexible spending accounts and family insurance coverage. Full story.


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