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‘Re-imagining Ireland’
Health plan stretches to cover rising costs
Dudley steps down from PR post
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‘Re-imagining Ireland’

goats on the green

Photo by Andrew Wyndham
The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities is hosting an international conference and festival in May to “re-imagine” Ireland, a country that is known today for its high-tech industry as well as its pastoral setting. Ireland President Mary McAleese will give the keynote address at the conference, which will explore the relation between global economics and traditional culture. See story.

Health plan stretches to cover rising costs

By Elizabeth Kiem

With U.Va. employees braced for the third consecutive year of stagnant salaries, news that they will be charged more for monthly health insurance has met with some concern. But while the freeze on salaries reflects a state budget crisis, the benefits situation mirrors a national trend.

Virginia is not alone in experiencing higher prices for hospital fees and prescription drugs and for increased consumer use of those services and medicines. Last year, average premiums for employer-provided health care rose anywhere from 13 to 27 percent, according to commissioned studies.

For employees of the commonwealth — but not U.Va. employees — that spike translated to an increase in 2003 premiums to $33 per month for individuals and $272 per month for families.

In contrast, U.Va., the only state agency with an independent health plan, set monthly premiums for 2003 at $17 for individuals and $206 for families. The benefits included in the plan have been amended slightly but are still rated above the state’s premier Key Advantage Plan by actuaries and consultants. Full story.

Dudley steps down from PR post

By Anne Bromley

Not many people would have the courage to take up running at 60. Louise Dudley did. Nor would many contemplate signing up for a Latin course when they retire. But Louise Dudley plans to.

Both of these endeavors reflect what many at the University have come to know as Dudley’s trademarks – speed and a desire to learn new things. Add to that her reputation for honesty and evenhandedness with the news media and you begin to get the picture of who she is.

“After years of working with Louise on both easy and tough stories I can say this about her — she knew her stuff,” said Carlos Santos of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “And when she didn’t know the answer, she knew who did. She was good on deadline. It was hard to get her flustered. She was accurate. She was too careful to speak in colorful quotes, but she had a vast knowledge of the workings of U.Va. and especially of the Board of Visitors. She made my job easier, and I’ll miss her.”
Santos held what he considers the ultimate compliment until last. “I could hardly tell when she was spinning a story.” Full story.


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