Jan. 17-30, 2003
Vol. 33, Issue 1
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Political arena: Athletics makes case for new facility
Warner: no more higher ed cuts
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Political arena
Athletics makes case for new facility
U.Va.’s Keith Jenifer glides past a Long Island University opponent in a recent match-up between the two teams.
Photo by Andrew Shurtleff
U.Va.’s Keith Jenifer glides past a Long Island University opponent in a recent match-up between the two teams.

By Dan Heuchert

Eroding budgets. Crumbling buildings. Travel restrictions. Larger classes. No raises (again). And then to see plans for a shiny new basketball arena …

It makes some faculty members want to scream. Or at least to pass a resolution asking the University to cease and desist, as was proposed at a rare Assembly of Professors in October. Though the resolution was tabled, at least partly at the behest of University President John T. Casteen III, the message was clear: Some professors are displeased with the prospect of spending $128 million on a new arena in these budget-conscious days.

Craig Littlepage wants faculty and staff to know that he understands their skepticism.

“When faculty are operating in this environment of being expected to do more with less, and in some cases doing it in facilities that are deficient — much like University Hall is deficient — certainly, they look at the building of an athletic facility from a somewhat perplexed attitude,” said Littlepage, U.Va.’s director of athletics. Full story.

Warner: no more higher ed cuts

By Matt Kelly and Lee Graves

If the General Assembly follows Gov. Mark Warner’s lead, the shadow of deeper budget cuts in higher education this year will pass.

In his address to the General Assembly on its opening day Jan. 8, Warner vowed to veto any budget that cuts funding for education.

He also asked for a renewed commitment to higher education.

“I ask you to join me in working together to strengthen our worldwide reputation for excellence in higher education,” Warner told legislators. “Education is the centerpiece of our plans to grow the economy and open new opportunities for the people of Virginia, no matter where they live.”

In December, well before the Assembly convened, Warner announced budget proposals that spared higher education from another round of reductions. But that good news was tempered. Full story.


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