Jan. 31-Feb. 13, 2003
Vol. 33, Issue 2
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Crosswalk flagged to move
Hiring freeze lifted
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Crosswalk flagged for move
Jefferson Park Avenue crosswalk
Photo by Jenny Gerow
Posted on the barrels at the crosswalk (above), which spans Jefferson Park Avenue from the B1 parking lot to New Cabell Hall, is a notice from the City of Charlottesville. It states: “Before stepping into the street, grab a flag, wave it while crossing the street, then deposit it in the orange barrel on the other side. Thank you. (This strategy is successfully being used in Maryland and Utah.) Work on a long-term plan to relocate the crosswalk is currently under way.”

By Matt Kelly

Harry Gamble, a tall, lean religious studies professor, paused and looked both ways for traffic but did not use one of the provided orange flags to cross Jefferson Park Avenue near the B-1 Parking lot on a recent morning.

“Not many people use the flags. Flags are stolen sometimes,” he said, although he acknowledged, “This crossing is a real hazard, and there have been any number of injuries.”

The crosswalk, which connects the B-1 parking lot with central Grounds, will be moved in the next six to eight weeks. After English professor Cynthia Wall was struck by a car there last fall, the city put red flags for pedestrians to carry across the striped intersection to alert motorists. The flags are to be deposited in barrels on either side of the crossing for reuse.

The flag system is intended to give pedestrians more visibility, said Angela Tucker, the city’s development services manager. Some people have used the flags, but when they were first put out flags were stolen and had to be replaced every other day. The system will be discontinued when the crosswalk is moved. Full story.

Hiring freeze lifted

By Lee Graves

University officials have lifted a mandatory hiring freeze that was imposed in July in response to a state revenue crisis.

A freeze on discretionary spending also was lifted in a Jan. 21 memo sent to vice presidents and deans from Leonard W. Sandridge, executive vice president and chief operating officer. He cautioned that the economic outlook still is uncertain and that the state might impose new reductions.

“The action to lift the freeze is taken with the understanding that you will comply with the spending plans that have been approved,” Sandridge wrote. “Schools, departments and other operating units will find it necessary to continue self-imposed hiring and spending controls to meet their reduced budgets.”

The thaw obviously pleased many around Grounds. Some schools began freezing faculty hiring in the fall of 2001. Full story.



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