March 14-27, 2003
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Healing: Anger after assault shifts to efforts to heal
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Critical: South African nursing officials discuss impact of health care shortage on continent’s AIDS crisis
Honor committee produces CD, invites faculty to trials
Keys to motivation, self-knowledge lie in the unconscious, psychologist says
Virtual reality in music
Historian to discuss origins of human rights
Author Tom Clancy to be ‘Clear and Present’ at U.Va. March 21
Political humor: A tribute to Herblock
Finding history among the trees


• A story about U.Va.’s Hispanic and Latino community in the Feb. 28 issue of Inside UVA should have stated that Pablo Davis, assistant dean of students, uses the terms Latino, Hispanic and Latin-American, rather than favoring any one of them, in order to be inclusive of various elements and perspectives in the community. In addition, a quote attributed to him should have read, “What I think we are seeing in the United States, and at U.Va., is a process of ‘ethnogenesis,’ or birth of an ethnic identity.”

The story also should have stated that Ricardo Padron, assistant professor in the Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, was an undergraduate at U.Va. from 1985-89, and the contrasts he observed were among undergrads of that period and current conditions. He returned to U.Va. as a faculty member in 1997. His references to Latino students should have been to Hispanic/Latino students.

• A brief in the Feb. 28 issue also should have read that the Killgallon Ohio Art Professorship is being funded by William Carpenter Killgallon, who attended the Darden School’s Executive Program in 1976 and is now CEO of the Ohio Art Co., and his brother, Martin, who earned his MBA from Darden in 1972 and is now the company’s president. Their late father, William Casley Killgallon, created the popular “Etch a Sketch” toy, made by the Ohio Art Co., in 1960.



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