April 11-24, 2003
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Digest -- U.Va. News Daily

Gov. Warner speaks with students in Sabato’s class last month about current issues.
Photo by Peggy Harrison
Gov. Warner speaks with students in Sabato’s class last month about current issues.

Warner takes time to address politics class
It may have been among the toughest audiences Virginia Gov. Mark Warner has had to face. On March 31, he took some pointed questions from well-prepared students in politics professor Larry Sabato’s introductory politics class. The discussion touched on a variety of topics, from state budget issues to support for higher education to the nature of modern political discourse.
(Top News Daily, April 2)

University museum receives works by Joseph Cornell
The University Art Museum is displaying 12 newly acquired works by the enigmatic 20th-century American artist Joseph Cornell. The acquisitions — four boxes and eight collages — join two other Cornell boxes previously acquired.
“We are thrilled and deeply honored to accept these significant works into our collection,” said museum director Jill Hartz. “They will be enjoyed and studied by students and visitors for generations to come.” The new works will be on exhibit through June.
(Top News Daily, March 27)

‘Information cockpit’ may help occupants boost memory recall
Let’s say a friend asks you about a topic the two of you recently discussed. You don’t remember. But then your friend prods you: “You remember — we talked about it on the couch in the coffee shop last week.” Suddenly, the light clicks on. It is that principle, associating recall with a spatial location, that guides fourth-year student Jason Cervenka and his faculty mentor, psychology professor Dennis Proffitt, in their design of the office of the future. (Top News Daily, April 3)

Student filmmakers add Hollywood touch to library video
The University Library was looking for a little creative input from students for its orientation video. After all, they didn’t want it to be something that 18-year-olds found square or unintentionally funny. What they got, thanks to the brother writing-directing team of students Joel and Jonathan Iverson, was the feel-good hit of the summer: a video with a plot line, clever soundtrack and a cult following.
(Top News Daily, April 1)


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