May 16-22 2003
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U.Va. alumni to speak at Finals
Keepsake of Graduation day
Award recipients

Bond, Morse, Terry win 2003 Sullivan Awards
Advocate for diversity leads by example
Finals factoids
Music major creates programs for local schools

Tragedy spurs Muslim student’s effort to bring understanding

Finding history among the trees
Community through architecture
Moving toward a more inclusive environment
Jobe leads with faith, activism
Exploring vast worlds with Harrison Awards
Harvey blends work, study with passion for civic participation
Designing women sow success
Merging technology, music and art
From one-room school to athletic field
Persistence pays for Ukrainian student
Swimmer sets her eyes on Olympic event
Firefighting ideal job for Jefferson Scholar
Pruett’s ready to deploy, but not to leave her kids
Cancer survivor helps others

News Briefs

U.Va. alumni to speak at Finals
May 18: Mortimer Caplin, former U.Va. Board of Visitors member and former commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, will deliver the commencement address at the University’s 174th graduation ceremony. Final Exercises will begin with the procession down the Lawn at 10 a.m.

A live broadcast of the ceremony will be shown at Gilmer Hall auditoriums, Chemistry Building Auditorium, Ruffner Hall Auditorium (closed caption) and Newcomb Hall Ballroom and Theater (closed caption). Finals also can be viewed online at

Following the general event, graduates will receive their diplomas in separate ceremonies organized by each of U.Va.’s 10 schools.

FBI director Robert S. Mueller will speak at the Law School graduation.

May 17: At Valediction, Dr. L. D. Britt, professor and chairman of surgery at Eastern Virginia Medical School and a 1972 graduate of the College, will give the keynote talk at 11 a.m. on the Lawn.

U.Va. President John T. Casteen III will host a reception for graduates and guests at Carr’s Hill from 12:30-2 p.m. (rain or shine) on Saturday.

At 3 p.m., commissioning exercises will be held for Army, Navy and Air Force candidates. Gen. Kelvin P. Byrnes, commanding general of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, will speak in Old Cabell Hall Auditorium.

Also, the School of Nursing pinning ceremony will take place at 6 p.m. on the Lawn (rain site: Old Cabell Auditorium).

Keepsake of graduation day
Sunday’s graduation ceremony on the Lawn and Saturday’s Valedictory Exercises will be recorded, with videos and DVDs available for sale. To reserve a copy, contact the U.Va. Bookstore at www.bookstore.virginia.
edu or 1-800-759-4667. Cost is: VHS $24.99; DVD $34.99; plus shipping and handling.

Four receive Cooke awards
Four U.Va. students are among 43 scholars who have been awarded a total of $8 million in scholarships through the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

The foundation awards students up to $50,000 a year to complete their graduate or professional degrees as part of the foundation’s Graduate Scholarship Program.

Recipients grew up or have strong ties to Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C.

The four U.Va. recipients are Timothy A. Johnson, Katherine A. Mearns, Kathryn B. Moore and Jasmine H. Yoon.

Graduates receiving awards

School of Architecture
Alpha Rho Chi Medal
Melanie Kay Shields

American Institute of
Architects Medal Awards

Breck August Gastinger
Certificate of Merit:
Andrew Eben Burdick
American Institute of Certified Planners Awards
Dana Lucille Coelho
Margaret B. Tulloch
American Society of Landscape Architects Awards
Certificate of Honor: Soren deNiord
Certificate of Merit: Mary Patricia Mattson
Department of
Architecture Awards

for Excellence
Amy Caroline Lewandowski
Y-Vi Nam Nguyen
Kathryn Lee Stutts
Brian William Tabolt
Janey Lee Saunders
Sara Melissa
Paul S. Dulaney
Memorial Award in

Lynn Ann Kalsched
Benjamin C. Howland
Competition Prizes

2001: Cara Elizabeth Ruppert
William Arthur Sparks
2002: Mary Patricia Mattson
2003: Soren deNiord
Paul Kenneth Dougherty
Kyle Spicer Wilson
Duncan J. McCrea Memorial Award
Amy C. Lewandowski
Frederick Doveton Nichols Memorial Award
Megan Elizabeth Rispoli
Robert L. Plavnik
Outstanding Student Award
Anne S. Kanter
Lori Ann Pristo Awards
Breck August Gastinger
Gregory David Gibson
Melanie Kay Shields
Sean Steele-Nicholson
Memorial Award

James Dominic Graham
Virginia Chapter
American Planning
Association Awards

Shira Margaret Adriance
Jeffrey Scott Driscoll
Virginia Citizens
Planning Association Awards

Paul Kenneth Dougherty
Lara Duncan Mathes
Arts and Sciences
Academy of American Poets Prize
Jeffrey Christopher Fallis
Alpha Chi Sigma
Chemistry Awards

Jennifer Lynn
Swati Vijaylaksmi Elchuri
American Chemical
Society Virginia Section Award

Sangil Park
Atmospheric Sciences
Graduate Awards

2002: Courtenay Strong
2003: Thomas Liam O’Halloran
Emily Clark Balch
Prize for Short Story

Jenny Campbell Kennedy
Bannon Research Award
Rima Bethany Frankin
Bloomer Awards

2001: Noah Everett Egge
2002: Drew Budd Gower
Becky Boone Award
Melinda Gail Schmidt
Alfred P. Burger Pre-Medical Scholarships
Rebecca Anna Brooks
Rachel Dana Rosenbaum
Class of 1985
Fellowship for Creative Teaching

Daniel Webster Kent
Margaret Morgan Coughlin Award in Asian History
Ying Hu
Ecology Graduate Awards
1999: Julieta Nelida Aranibar
2000: Daniel Lee Druckenbrod
Economics Outstanding Major Award
Timothy Andrew Johnson
James W. Elkins Sr.,
Award for Outstanding Physics Major

Timothy Swift Goodman
Robert Ellison Award
Isabella Martina
Environmental Sciences
Exploratory Research Award

Tana Elaine Wood
Frank W. Finger
Fellowship for Teaching

Melin Huang
Michael Garstang
Atmospheric Sciences Award

D. Matthew Coleman
Virginia Louise Garth Prize
Becky Ann Butler
Marie M. Giuliano Prize in Italian
Katherine Leila Neuhausen
Robert Kent Gooch Scholarships
Eisha Jain
Timothy Andrew Johnson
Cooper Campbell
Thomas J. Griffis Prizes
Betsy Winakur
Lewis M. Hammond Award
Kristen Anne Inglis
William Maury Hill
Scholarship in

Elizabeth Nicole Lewis
Hispanic Studies Prize
Tamara Lamb Bjelland
History Graduate
Teaching Assistant Award

Charles Frederick Irons
M. J. Homzie Memorial Scholarship
Danielle Megan Borgsmiller
Duncan Clark Hyde
Memorial Awards in

Oscar Andrew Garibaldi
Aya Hamano
Shelley Marie Johnson
John Marshall Montague
Steven Matthew Sperry
Hydrology Award
Drew Budd Gower
Hydrology Graduate Award
Ryan Eugene Emanuel
Mahlon G. Kelly Ecology Award
Kristen Kay Brubaker
Brenda Holliday Loyd Award
Ferrer Caja Emilio
Maury Prizes in
Environmental Sciences

1999: Anne Mitchell
2002: Todd Michael Scanlon
2003: Anthony James Wimmer
E. J. McShane Prizes in Mathematics
Daniel Jonathan Haspel
Brian Thomas Street
Merck Index Awards
Gregory John Broughton
Robert Mark Knape
Richard Scott Mitchell Award
Daniel Jacob Van Orman
Fred Holmsley Moore
Distinguished Teaching Awards

2000: Oliver Wolfgang Frauenfeld
2001: Katharina Marie Ross
2002: Daniel Lewis Welsch
Fred Holmsley Moore Research Awards
1999: Julieta Nelida Aranibar
2000: Rima Bethany Franklin
Katharina Marie Ross
2001: Monika Puscher Calef
Daniel Lee Druckenbrod
Oliver Wolfgang
Brander Wyatt Morrison
Prizes in Music

Heather Lyn Hightower
Benjamin Samuel Krakauer
Matthew Walter Kunz
Brandee Nicole Martin
Blair Woods Reinhard
Matthew Joseph Wyatt
Wilbur A. Nelson Awards
2002: Sean Beatty McGinty
2003: Noah Everett Egge
Lola Pelliccia Prize
Veronica Mary Gazzolo
Vladimir A. Pertzoff
Prize in Russian Studies
Alexis Killian Black
Sonia Raiziss Prize
Caroline Chandler
Whitfield Randolph Award
Michelle Anne Burack
Charles Gordon Reid, Jr., Fellowship
Vanessa Guibert Heitner
Religious Studies
Graduate Teaching
Assistant Award

Jacqueline Aileen Bussie
Joseph K. Roberts Award
Drew Budd Gower
Martha Richford Roberts Poetry Prize
Laura Suzanne Tortorelli
Oscar R. Rodig Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Award
Melissa Lauren Grachan
Rachel St. Paul Poetry Prizes
Winner: Joshua Seth
Runner Up: Marilena
Tipton R. Snavley Prize
Brian Peter McManus
Hugh Miller Spencer
Scholarship Award

Sarah Jaye Siegel
Wagenheim Memorial Essay Prizes
2002: Denis Ferhatovic
2003: Justin Brice
Wagenheim Memorial Scholarships in English
2001: Amanda Lee
2002: Meredith Gordon Willey
2003: Larisa Megan
Robert Benjamin
Anne Eileen Blaney
Kathleen Taylor Boyle
Denis Ferhatovic
Esther Carol Haley
Christie Leigh Harner
Min Zhi Heng
Renata Latoya Keys
William Joseph Kynes
Justin Brice Mutter
Natalie Nicole Shonka
Timothy Arnand Singh
Laura Suzanne Tortorelli
Elizabeth Furrey Whelan
McIntire School of

Carman G. Blough Award
Ashley Mae Eickhof
F. Evans Farwell
Achievement Award
Mary Bowen Royston
Federation of Schools of Accountancy Student Achievement Award
Jeffrey Robert Krizner
Joseph Goldsten
Distinguished Award in Finance

Brendan Christopher Abrams
William B. Harman
Honor Award

Elizabeth Ashley Foltz
National Association of Accountants Carman G. Blough Award
Ashley Mae Eickhof
Henry R. Odell Award in Management
Jarrod Charles Cady
William F. O’Dell Award in Marketing
Ann Won Kim
David W. Thompson
Award in Accounting

Stephen Arthur Reis
Virginia Society of
Certified Public
Accountants’ Award of Achievement

Jamie Leigh Williams
Wall Street Journal
Student Achievement Award

James Lloyd Woodward Smith
George Wasserman
Distinguished Award in Marketing
Lisa Anne Favreau
Curry School of

Helen Gunderson Burr Award
Michelle Coman
Walter Eugene Campbell Scholarships
2000: Crystan Renee Gafford Muhammad
2001: Mary Ann Martin Wolf
Jay L. Chronister Student Award in Higher

Julie Kristen Turner
David F. Cooke Award
Kirsten Kay Dennis
Brenda Holliday Loyd Awards
1999 & 2000: Marlie McKinnon
2003: Jennifer A. Shields
Samuel Marx

Yu-Jen Chiu
Richard A. Meade Awards
1996: Nicole Frances Oechslin
1998: Christopher Wayne Sprouse
Dr. Susan Bjork O’Brien Scholarship
Jodi German Welsch
Outstanding Bachelor of Science in Education Student Award
Diane Elizabeth Reynolds
Outstanding Doctoral Student Award
Steven Mark Elliot
Outstanding Master of Education Student Award
Judith M. Romine
Outstanding Master of Teaching Student Award
Matthew Cahill Clay
Robert Septimus Pace, Jr., Scholarship
Jenny Rene Isaacs
David H. Perrin Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Scholarship
Carrie Lynn Docherty
William H. Seawell Award
Randall Wayne Thomas
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Lewis E. Ackers
Susan Cheung
Sarah Beth Medley
American Institute of Chemists Award
Mary Ruth Michalsky
ASCE William J.
Thompson Awards

2001: Elspeth Eve Waller Johanson
2003: Brian Myles
Babcock and Wilcox Scholarship in
Mechanical and
Aerospace Engineering

Jeffrey Scott Tilley
Chemical Engineering Faculty Awards for Achievement and

Matthew Eric Heim
Hye-Joo Min
Chemical Engineering Faculty Awards for
Excellence in Doctoral Studies

Sanket Kiritkumar Desai
Alan Keith Hunter
Chemical Engineering Graduate Teaching
Assistant Award

Gail Louise Dempsey
Clark Construction Group Scholarship
Katherine Elizabeth Kohm
Computer Science
Graduate Research Award

Kimberly S. Hanks
Computer Science
Outstanding Student Award

Kimberly S. Hanks
Computer Science
Undergraduate Service Awards

2001: Jonathan
McCarrell McCune
2002: Keen McEwan Browne
Dow Outstanding Third Year Award in Chemical Engineering
Brian Matthew Ross
William L. Everitt
Student Awards for

2001: Michael Everett Welser
2002: David Michael Curbo
2003: Jessica C. Hess
Lauren Catherine Wye
Robert T. Ferguson III Memorial Awards for

2002: Heather Leigh Danner
2003: James Howard Conklin
C. N. Gaylord

Spencer Mackenzie Francis
C. William Hartman Award
Susan Cheung
Henry L. Kinnier
Jeremy David Hogg
Laura Jean Schneider
Mechanical and
Aerospace Engineering Recognition Awards

2001: Thomas Carno Jones
Erik Andrew Uttermann
2002: Erik Andrew
Merck Scholarship
Matthew Eric Heim

2001: Amberly Halle Heck
2002: Omar Faouzi Hijaz
James S. Miller
Electrical and Computer Engineering Award

Robert Leonard Janiczek
Donald F. Othmer
Academic Excellence Award

Mary Ruth Michalsky
Ruth Oxford Memorial Award
Steven Patrick Tropello
David Lee Preddy Award in Chemical Engineering
Daniel George Roper
Louis T. Rader Chemical Engineering Prizes
Undergraduate: Meridith Ann Bauman
Graduate: Stacey Erin Siporin
Louis T. Rader Civil
Engineering Award

Sarah Elizabeth Gravatt
Louis T. Rader Electrical and Computer
Engineering Award

Erin Nicole Goode
Louis T. Rader
Mechanical Engineering Chairperson Awards

Jason Lee Foreman
Eric Andrew Uttermann
Louis T. Rader
Outstanding Service Awards

Undergraduate: Janelle Nicole Davis
Jennifer Kathryn Murrill
Graduate: John Michael Cushing
Louis T. Rader
Outstanding Student Awards

Bachelor’s: Tracy
Shannon Barger (2002)
Douglas James Myers (2003)
Master’s: Tracy Shannon Barger
Coire Joseph Maranzano
Doctoral: Enrique
Campos Nanez
Joost Reyes Santos
Research and Design Symposium Award
Adam Patrick Goobic
Sigma Gamma Tau
Outstanding Student Award

Jennifer Ann Cobb
Sterling N. Vines
Michael Raymond Dance
Engineering Research and Design Symposium Awards

1st Place: David Lemar Simpson
2nd Place: Elisa Adriana Ferrante Brenlla
3rd Place: Baron Philippe Schwartz
Virginia Engineering Foundation Outstanding Student Award
David Lemar Simpson
Mac Wade Awards for Outstanding
Service to the School of Engineering and Applied Science

Student: Rebecca
Sohi Um
Staff: Thomas N.
Matthew David Wait Awards
2002: Matthew
Hamilton Jones
2003: Altaf Shabbir
Steven Clarence Davis
Jim Shi Zeng
Darden Graduate School of Business

Samuel Forrest Hyde Memorial Fellowship
Scott A. O. Davies
William Michael
Shermet Awards

Karimuddin Ahmad
James Edward Black
Scott Anthony Oliver Davies
Gareth George Davis
Sumit Kumar
Charles Drake Leddy
Kristina Marie Lilly
Wei Liu
Timothy Daniel Seymour
Anna Voronina
Tadd Christian Wilson
Joshua Daniel Wishnack
School of Law
Mortimer Caplin Public Service Fellowship
Lise Bitler Adams
Hardy Cross Dillard Scholarship
Lana Nicole Pettus
Linda A. Fairstein Public Service Fellowship
Angela Adair Ciolfi
School of Medicine
Robert M. Blizzard
Pediatric Scholar Award

Frank David Petruzella
C. Richard Bowman Scholarship Award
David Charles Lieb
James R. Cash
Pathology Book Award

Sara Anne McCrone
Award for Excellence in Introduction to Clinical Medicine
Sara Anne McCrone
Herbert R. Farber Award
Michael Salerno
R. Scott Jones Award in Surgery
Leo Mabuchi Gazoni
Leadership Award
Nikhil Gadahad Rao
Gratton Alexander Litz III Award in Internal

Cheryl Lundeberg
Medical Alumni
Association Outstanding Student Award

Andrew James
Larry S. Nichter Award for Plastic Surgical

Christian David Monson
School of Nursing
Student Contributing Most to School of

Mary Reagan Holland
Student Contributing Most to U.Va.
Katherine Anne Baylor
Phyllis J. Verhonick
Research Award
Monthana Hemchayat
Other Awards
Alumni Association’s Ernest H. Ern
Distinguished Student Award

Ryan Timothy McCarthy
Meikel Andrade
Memorial Scholarship
Janice Elizabeth Hobbs
Harrison Bush Award
Jeffrey Anson Lynn
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Richard Heath Dabney Award
Niko Douglas Schutte
Leadership Award
Jasmine Hyejung Yoon
Jerome H. Holland Scholarships
Craig Adrian Foster
Rawi M. Hago
Giza Maxine High
Marshall Ryan Hurley
Andrea Tinuola Kassim
Michelle Evelyn Morse
Raven Society Awards
Sarah Elizabeth Fischer
Sarah Chilton Jobe
Ryan Timothy McCarthy
Walter N. Ridley

2002: Michelle Kim Harding
2003: Jerita Lynn
Celestine DeBraux
Milgo Galaydh
Aaron Michael Posey
Seven Society Louis A. Onesty Award
Kelly Anne McCabe
Edgar J. Shannon Awards, presented by the “Z” Society
School of Architecture:
Brian William Tabolt
Arts & Sciences:
Esther Carol Haley
Curry School of
Education: Meredith Gordon Willey
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences:
James Lockwood Reilly
McIntire School of
Commerce: Jamie Leigh Williams
School of Engineering:
Douglas James Myers
School of Law:
Brett Eric Coburn
School of Medicine:
Nina Wister Ross
School of Nursing:
Joanne James McElroy
T. Braxton Woody

Zeina Saliba
All University
Outstanding Graduate
Teaching Assistant Awards

1997: Linda M. K.
1999: Anna Christine Patchias
2000: Oliver Wolfgang Frauenfeld
2001: Lisa Guerrant Fox-Thomas
Qiyu Huang
Benjamin Franklin Lee
Karen Batt Stanish
2002: Robert Frank Riemenschneider
John Clifton Woolley
2003: James Paul Mabry

52 undergrads in the class of 2003 are Harrison Award recipients
Dustin Wentz Batson
Gregory John Broughton
Matthew Hamill Daniell
Noah Everett Egge
Judson Matthew Frye
Milgo Galaydh
Samantha Austin Gavin
Anne Loyer Metz
Lauren S. Purnell
Jessica Alison Rash
Samuel Jonathan Ross
Poonam Sharma
Elizabeth Furrey Whelan
Jennifer Kathryn Wolf

Maria Teresa Armijos
Alexis Killian Black
Melanie Elizabeth Fedri
Sarah Elizabeth Fischer
Lauren Elizabeth Fritsch
Drew Budd Gower
Nicholas Isaac Graber-Grace
Melissa Lauren Grachan
Elisabeth Ridvan Greer
Mark Patrick Harvey
Christian Thomas Hilchey
Sarah Chilton Jobe
Michael Daniel Keller
Robert Mark Knape
Amber Kay Kozak
Matthew Walter Kunz
Caroline Chia Kuo
Sheila Feldman
Nicholas Arthur Lyndon
Maridelle Bondoc
Rupali Raj Mishra
Joseph Daniel Monaco
Tracy Anne Monson
Caroline Chandler
Atima Omara-Alwala
Carolyn Elizabeth Roncaglia
Sanjay Rupani
Ameet Vilas Sarpatwari
Lakisha Michelle
Katherine Marie Skiba
Emmy Adel Smith
Genevieve Vail Smith
Meghan Mairi Smith
Morgan Marie Taylor
Maziar Doustdar
Natalie Anne Villani
Donna Marie Vleugels
Justin Michael Watson



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