Sept. 12-25, 2003
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Casteen appoints three vice provosts

By Charlotte Crystal

Knowledge of the University and a solid sense of how to promote constructive change distinguish three new vice provosts.

President John T. Casteen III singled out those qualities in announcing appointments for the three vice provost positions – for academic affairs, faculty advancement and international affairs.

Dr. Leigh Grossman
Dr. Leigh Grossman

J. Milton Adams, professor of biomedical engineering and associate dean for academic programs in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, will assume the duties of vice provost for academic programs this month. Gertrude Fraser, associate professor of anthropology, will become vice provost for faculty advancement in January. Also in January, Dr. Leigh Grossman, professor of pediatrics and chief of the division of pediatric infectious disease, will take over as vice provost for international affairs.

“These three new vice provosts come from within the University’s faculty ranks,” Casteen said. “These are complex times for national universities, and each of these new leaders brings unique insights and demonstrated leadership to the job. Together with Gene Block, vice president and provost, they will provide strong academic leadership.”

Block added: “These individuals, chosen after competitive searches last spring, bring a wealth of experience and depth of expertise that will help the University strengthen its reputation for excellence and position it for strategic growth in the new century.”

J. Milton Adams
J. Milton Adams

Adams will serve a five-year term as advisor to Block and represent the provost’s office on issues of curriculum and the general health and welfare of academic units. His responsibilities will include supervision of academic planning, including academic program review, and oversight of academic enhancement programs for undergraduate students.

Adams received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech and his doctorate in biomedical engineering from U.Va.

“Biomedical engineering is a field that brings together faculty from the School of Medicine and the School of Engineering and Applied Science,” Adams said. “Coming from that background, I had to learn how to listen and communicate with people who did not use the same language even if they were talking about the same thing. It gave me exposure to different ways of doing things. As vice provost, I plan to get out of the office and talk to people to find out what is on their minds.”

Also appointed for a five-year term, Fraser will oversee university-wide recruitment and retention strategies and practices, developing initiatives to promote diversity among faculty and spousal hiring. Fraser earned her master’s and doctoral degrees in anthropology at Johns Hopkins University. She is currently on leave from U.Va., serving as a program officer specializing in education and scholarship with the Ford Foundation in New York.

Gertrude Fraser
Gertrude Fraser

“I will be working to professionalize faculty development at U.Va.,” Fraser said. “I’ll be looking not only at recruitment, but also at career development for new and existing faculty members. We need to rethink what it means to be a professor.”

Grossman will serve a two-year term, working to expand and promote U.Va.’s international programs in education and research. Grossman earned a master’s degree in preventive medicine and an M.D. from the Medical College of Pennsylvania. Grossman grew up in India, and her international experience and involvement in numerous organizations have colored her medical career.

“I have been here for 22 years and I love what I do,” Grossman said. “There are extremely impressive international initiatives and opportunities at this university, but they need recognition, backing, growth and celebration. I look forward to building on the incredible work that … [others] have done in shoring up and building our international initiatives.


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