Nov. 21-Dec. 4, 2003
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Stanford’s Neuman appointed University Architect
New garage eases parking crunch
Children’s fitness clinic opens at U.Va.
Wafers used to treat recurring pituitary tumors

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Volcanic eruptions may trigger El Niño
U.Va. not complaining about Isabel’s impact
Economic Engine — U.Va. Football
The Good Doctor
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When language skills fail
‘The Moon Has No Home’
Artisans’ Bazaar Back For Another Season

Digest — U.Va. News Daily

Telemedicine: Health care lifeline gets FCC support
“Telemedicine is the use of advanced telecommunications and other technologies for medical diagnosis, ongoing patient care and health-related distance learning,” said Dr. Karen S. Rheuban, medical director of U.Va.’s telemedicine program, at an event held Nov. 7 at U.Va.’s Medical Center. Telemedicine connects the Medical Center with 43 rural health-care providers and has served 5,700 patients. In an effort to further lower the cost of line access, the Federal Communications Commission will look at new rules for telemedicine to increase subsidies for telecommunications lines. (Nov. 11)

Sorensen Institute grads victorious in election bids
Election Day proved to be exciting for U.Va.’s Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, a nonpartisan political leadership program at the University, as 29 of its graduates won their bids for office across Virginia. Among the victorious graduates were nine members of the House of Delegates, including five who were re-elected and four new members. A total of 60 graduates of Sorensen Institute programs ran for political office this fall. (Nov. 7)

University addresses recent acts of violence
Recent incidents of violence involving U.Va. students prompted the University to take steps to help ensure the safety of its students. A letter to parents posted on the University’s Web site at addressed the seriousness of these acts and listed services available to students in dealing with these issues. The letter urged parents to discuss these incidents with their daughters and sons, and assured them that, “Although nothing firmly indicates that physical violence is increasing among U.Va. students, anecdotal information and the prevalence of societal violence suggest this is an area we need to address. … We currently are working on programs to help students recognize how to deal with potentially inflammatory situations and make rational choices when faced with conflict.” (Nov. 13)

Online quiz tests Wahoo knowledge
Do you fancy yourself an expert in all things U.Va.? Are you looking for an entertaining, informative way to kill a couple of minutes? If so, check out the University’s new online trivia quiz ( Developed by University Relations’ Web Communications Office, the interactive quiz serves up questions and answers about University history. A word of warning: The quiz can be addictive and potentially lead to a loss of productivity. (Nov. 14-16)


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