April 9-22, 2004
Vol. 34, Issue 7
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Pituitary Center brings life-changing treatment to thousands
Student health insurance plan
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U.Va. marks the 261st birthday of its founder — Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medals in Architecture an Law
Aerospace institute becoming a reality in Hampton
Online applications aid admissions process
Fatton: No ray of hope for native Haiti
Grossman enters new world of responsibility
Women’s Center to honor Arizona’s trailblazing Gov. Janet Napolitano
Artist explores DNA and difference in
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Nobel Prize-winning poet
Seamus Heaney to read April 19
Roaming Rome, Wylie focuses on material and light
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Pete Gillen ‘Gillen’s still the one’
After a thorough review of the U.Va. men’s basketball program, athletics director Craig K. Littlepage announced April 1 that Pete Gillen (right) will remain head coach, a position he has held since 1998, despite some fans’ calls for a change. “On the basis of our review, I feel confident that we have a coach prepared to meet the University’s expectations for championship-level results,” Littlepage said. (April 2)

Student volunteers help low-income residents file tax returns
With the April 15 federal income tax filing deadline fast approaching, law and undergraduate students, like third-year law student Tyler Kidd (right), have been volunteering their Saturday afternoons at the Ridge Street Salvation Army shelter, helping residents prepare their state and federal tax returns. (March 31)

Student studies education for Latino immigrants
The American dream is just that — a dream — for many Latino immigrants if they were well-qualified in their native country, says U.Va. Latin American Studies student Maggie Samra (left). Last summer, she studied the availability of adult English and technology education in Atlanta, one area that has experienced a Hispanic population boom. (March 31)

Flat broke with children: Welfare reform failing women
Women are a large factor in the welfare system, especially those with children. Reform laws have decreased the number of welfare recipients greatly, but the dilemma of millions of poor women desperate for work still exists, said U.Va. professor Sharon Hays. “It’s not clear you’re fully welcome in the workplace; it’s not clear how family life will be managed,” she said. (March 24)


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