May 14, 2004
Vol. 34, Issue 9
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‘Our Students Lead Us’
Sullivan Award-winners
Part of the fabric of University life
Curiosity drives Mitman’s pursuits
‘Reverend Nurse:’
At 52, Valley minister feels call to care for the whole person, spiritually and physically
Leap of a lifetime:
Athlete Kim Turko jumps a formidable hurdle — life-threatening illness
He’ll be back:
Adult education graduate studies adult education
‘Hungry to Help:’
Student refugee wants to improve the lives of Burma’s forgotten children
Revitalizing Main Street:
Jill Nolt’s plan for her hometown high school makes front-page news
Peace Corps bound:
Business major trades fast lane for slow pace on Tonga
First in her family:
Angela Caldwell, a Native American, overcomes community attitudes to become lawyer
From Crane’s love of the cosmos comes new era for stargazers
A history of Finals
Sharlotte Bolyard is flying high
A ministry of medicine

Bombay bound:
Darden grad to apply best U.S. business practices to family company in India

Peer educator looks beyond educating:
Health advocacy is next step for Alyssa Lederer

No ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions:
Family expert Charmaine Yoest says creativity, flexibility are keys to resolving work/family issues

Reflections on the road to enlightenment:
Thirteen years, one class at a time, but who was counting?

‘Connecting communities:’
Presentation on African-American history at U.Va. gets students thinking, talking

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Finals Weekend Special Edition

2004 graduates
‘Our Students Lead Us’

The Class of 2004 arrived at the University of Virginia in August 2000 at a pivotal time in world history.

Class of 2004The new millennium had arrived only eight months earlier, and these incoming students were excited by the potential inherent in attending this exceptional institution and in the promise of the new century itself.

Little did any of us know that only 13 months later, on Sept. 11, 2001, their excitement would be replaced by disbelief as agents of terror claimed thousands of lives, toppled national landmarks, and damaged the physical heart of our country’s military command.

Before many of our students had finished their morning cups of coffee that day, their sense of the world they would soon inherit as educated adults had profoundly and irrevocably changed.

Another group of students might have hidden behind the serpentine walls of the University, and understandably so.

But not this group. The Class of 2004 stepped forward, showing their courage and their determination to effect change.

During their time here, they boldly owned the institution, leading the discussion on diversity, equity, sexual health and education. They looked beyond the ivory tower to critically examine the world stage, raising our awareness of issues that affect all of humankind, such as the plight of Burmese refugees and the victims of war in Iraq. They challenged our stereotypes about race and age and disability through their accomplishments. In short, they taught as well as they learned.

In 1819, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to Judge Spencer Roane, a Virginia statesman involved in selecting Charlottesville as the site of the University of Virginia. He wrote, “The generation now in place … are wiser than we were, and their successors will be wiser than they.”

This timeless truth is particularly apt of the multicultural, multigenerational kaleidoscope of women and men who are pictured here and profiled on the following pages. They not only leave a remarkable legacy for those who come after them, but they set a standard to which all of us can aspire.

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