May 14, 2004
Vol. 34, Issue 9
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‘Our Students Lead Us’

We’re No. 1
Financial aid for future hoos

Sullivan Award-winners
Part of the fabric of University life
Curiosity drives Mitman’s pursuits
‘Reverend Nurse:’
At 52, Valley minister feels call to care for the whole person, spiritually and physically
Leap of a lifetime:
Athlete Kim Turko jumps a formidable hurdle — life-threatening illness
He’ll be back:
Adult education graduate studies adult education
‘Hungry to Help:’
Student refugee wants to improve the lives of Burma’s forgotten children
Revitalizing Main Street:
Jill Nolt’s plan for her hometown high school makes front-page news
Peace Corps bound:
Business major trades fast lane for slow pace on Tonga
First in her family:
Angela Caldwell, a Native American, overcomes community attitudes to become lawyer
From Crane’s love of the cosmos comes new era for stargazers
A history of Finals
Sharlotte Bolyard is flying high
A ministry of medicine

Bombay bound:
Darden grad to apply best U.S. business practices to family company in India

Peer educator looks beyond educating:
Health advocacy is next step for Alyssa Lederer

No ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions:
Family expert Charmaine Yoest says creativity, flexibility are keys to resolving work/family issues

Reflections on the road to enlightenment:
Thirteen years, one class at a time, but who was counting?

‘Connecting communities:’
Presentation on African-American history at U.Va. gets students thinking, talking
News briefs

We’re No. 1

The University of Virginia was again ranked No. 1 among public universities, according to the 2004 U.S. News & World Report. This is the fourth time in seven years it has claimed the No. 1 spot. In its 2004 edition of “America’s Best Colleges,” U.S. News also ranked U.Va. as No. 21 in its Top National Universities category, which includes public and private institutions. In both rankings, U.Va. tied with the University of California-Berkeley.

In the magazine’s listing of “schools that offer the best value,” U.Va.
is the top-ranked public university and 13th overall. In calculating best values, U.S. News uses a formula that relates a school’s academic quality to the net cost of attendance for a student who receives the average level of financial aid.

Financial aid for future hoos

The University recently unveiled “Access UVa,” a financial aid program designed to keep higher education affordable for all students who qualify for admission, regardless of economic circumstance.

Access UVa combines loan-free packages for low-income students, caps on loans for all other students, and the commitment to meet 100 percent of need. The University will replace all need-based loans with grants in the financial-aid packages of low-income students, beginning with the 2004 entering class.

For any student who qualifies for some form of financial aid, the University will cap the amount of need-based loans to a maximum of 25 percent of the total in-state cost of attendance over four years and will meet the remaining need with grants, beginning with the 2005 entering class.

When the program is fully implemented by the 2008-2009 academic year, U.Va. anticipates spending $16 million annually of institutional funds on need-based grants for undergraduates.

U.Va. No. 1 school sending grads into Peace Corps

For the second year in a row, the University has the highest number of alumni serving as Peace Corps volunteers among all medium-size schools in the country (schools with undergraduate populations between 5,001 and 15,000).

This year, U.Va. beat out the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill for the No. 1 spot for all schools in the Mid-Atlantic States Region. When the official count was taken in January 2004, there were 75 U.Va. alumni serving in the Peace Corps, a 10 percent increase from the previous year.

Today there are 71 U.Va. graduates serving overseas. Twelve more are preparing to depart to new assignments in the next few months, and another has just been invited to join. Eight who accepted invitations are May 2004 graduates; four graduated in 2003. 

These future volunteers are preparing for assignments in Romania, Tonga, Honduras, East Timor, Togo, the Kyrgyz Republic, Jamaica, Mauritania, Moldova, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Lesotho.

Thirty-five U.Va. grads have qualified and been “nominated” to serve. Many may be receiving their invitations in the near future.
Over 772 University of Virginia alumni have served (or are currently serving) as Peace Corps volunteers.

For more on the Peace Corps, visit its Web site,

116 years of Corks & Curls

Take a walk down memory lane in the Rotunda Dome Room, where an exhibit of student yearbooks is on display through October. Find out how the yearbook got its name, what has been featured and what has been left out over the years. The exhibit, curated by rising fourth-year student Whitney Spivey, is sponsored by the library’s Rare Book School.

This year’s edition of Corks & Curls will be available by the end
of August.

Excerpted List of Graduates Receiving Awards

School of Architecture

American Institute of Architects Medals
2003: Breck August Gastinger
2004: Emmanuel Stephane Didier (winner)
Jill Elizabeth Nolt (certificate of excellence)

American Institute of Certified Planners Awards
Undergraduate: Matthew Lewis Prutsman
Graduate: Roy Oscar Elam IV

American Society of Landscape Architects Awards
Jill Elizabeth Nolt
Benjamin Robinson Spencer

Department of Architecture Award
for Excellence in Design
2002: Benjamin William Blanchard
Paul S. Dulaney
Memorial Award in Planning
Hunter Franklin Armstrong
Benjamin C. Howland
Competition Prizes
2001: Jeffrey George Aten
2002: Jill Elizabeth Nolt
2003: Ross Benjamin Altheimer
2004: Jeffrey George Aten
Emmanuel Stephane Didier
John Brian Gerich
Jill Elizabeth Nolt
Anne Emilie Samuel
Benjamin Robinson Spencer
Benjamin C. Howland
Traveling Fellowship
Cara Eastman
Duncan J. McCrea Memorial Award
Nathan Wallace Petty
Frederick Doveton Nichols
Memorial Award
Kathryn Anne Trau
Lori Ann Pristo Awards
2003: Breck August Gastinger
2004: Jill Elizabeth Nolt
Sean Steele-Nicholson
Memorial Award
Kate Alison Thatcher
Virginia Chapter of the American Planning Association Awards
Undergraduate: Emily Jane Snyder
Graduate: Anh Kim Thai
Virginia Citizens Planning
Association Award
Andrew Alexander Painter
Arts and Sciences
Academy of American Poets Prize
2003: Ryan Jon Leone
Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Awards
Deepika Nemani
Suzanne Marie Quartuccio
American Chemical Society
Virginia Section Award
William Hill Harman
Atmospheric Sciences
Graduate Awards
2002: Courtenay Strong
2003: Thomas Liam O’Halloran
Emily Clark Balch
Prize for Poetry
Maura Colleen Cronin
Emily Clark Balch
Prize for Short Story
2003: Linwood Taylor Antrim
Bannon Research Award
1998: Rima Bethany Franklin
Alfred P. Burger
Pre-Medical Scholarship
Jae Young Lee
Chemistry Undergraduate Teaching Awards
Mitchell Ryan Anstey
William Hill Harman
Margaret Morgan Coughlin
Award in Asian History
Megan Elizabeth Luke Strand
Clay E. Delauney Prize in Drama
James Benjamin Bolling
Economics Outstanding Major Award
Scott Andrew Killian
J. P. Elder Award
Benjamin David Kein
James W. Elkins, Sr., Awards for Outstanding Physics Major
Kurt Elliott Mitman
Andrew James Puckett
Kenneth G. Elzinga Scholarship Award
Zachary McKenzie Rawling
Environmental Sciences
Exploratory Research Awards
2002: Cassondra Regina Thomas
Suzanne Corinna Walther
2004: Benjamin Issac Cook
Environmental Sciences
Interdisciplinary Award
Lisa Nicole Florkowski
Frank W. Finger Undergraduate Award
Emily Bradford Richard
Frank W. Finger Undergraduate Research Award
Jessica Elaine Berenguer
Herbert Epes Fitzgerald, Jr., and Harvey W. Fitzgerald Scholarships
2002: Mary-Elizabeth Bruce
2003: Kari Lee Elassal
Julia Martha Salasky
Michael Garstang Award
Thomas Liam O’Halloran
Virginia Louise Garth Prize
Lillian Shedd Whitesell
Patteson Gilliam Scholarship
Brooke Caroline Greene
Marie M. Giuliano Prize in Italian
Monica Christine Lucente
Thomas J. Griffis Essay Prizes
1995: Ana Mitric
1997: Carl Michael Carlson
James Young Kim
2001: Elizabeth Dyrud Lyman
2002: Scott Allen Cohen
Lewis M. Hammond Award
Benjamin Jacob Krohmal
Helping Hand Scholarships
2002: Ariella Binah Hanker
2003: Mary-Elizabeth Bruce
William Maury Hill
Scholarship in Economics
Richard Charles Carew
Hispanic Studies Prizes
2000: Susan Hozik Santos
2004: Anne Margaret Parmiter
M. J. Homzie Memorial Scholarship
Kimalee Charisse Cottrell
Duncan Clark Hyde Memorial
Awards in Economics
Andrew Taylor Hall
Michael Peter Koro
Paul Robert Laurence
Kurt Elliott Mitman
Zachary McKenzie Rawling
Hydrology Award
Justin Earl Lawrence
Hydrology Graduate Award
2003: Ryan Eugene Emanuel
Corydon M. and Ruth Leigh Johnson Scholarships
2002: Shweta Agarwal
2003: Ariella Binah Hanker
Mahlon G. Kelly Ecology Award
Jennifer Andrea Jones
Maas Memorial Prizes in French
Benjamin Custis Williams (winner)
Anna Iasmine Korkorian (2nd place)
Justin Ryan Marlles (3rd place)
Maury Pathfinder Undergraduate Award
Bobby Darius Naemi
E. J. McShane Prizes in Mathematics
Richard Lee Barnes
Hans Kempson Shmidheiser
Merck Index Awards
Jesse Emory Bible
Ariella Binah Hanker
Fred Holmsley Moore Distinguished Teaching Awards
1995: Stephanie Ellen Johnson
2004: Ryan Eugene Emanuel
Fred Holmsley Moore Research Awards
2000: Kaycie Ann Billmark
Rima Bethany Franklin
Jennifer L. Rosinski
Katherine Underwood Murray
2003: Sean Kevin Driscoll
Lara Kathryn Eilhardt
Noopur Gangopadhya
Kathleen Daly Hamm
Robert Sheppard Nickel
Wilbur A. Nelson Award
Jessica Sharon Wenger
Arthur A. Pegau Award in Geosciences
2000: Kaycie Ann Billmark
Vladimir A. Pertzoff Prize
in Russian Studies
Julia Diane Greble
Psychology Graduate Teaching Award
2003: Holly D. Hom
Sonia Raiziss Prize
2001: Cara Elizabeth Schwarz
Charles Gordon Reid, Jr., Scholarship
2000: Troy James Prinkey
Oscar R. Rodig Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Award
Victoria Kathryn Landry
Hugh Miller Spencer Scholarship Award
Noopur Gangopadhya
Marian West Stocker Award
Kelly Nicole Farmer
Summer Science Scholars Research Award
Matthew Peter Borloz
Anna Marie Palumbo
Jennifer Erin Wortham
Wagenheim Memorial Essay Prize
Lynn Meghan Maxwell
Wagenheim Memorial Prizes
for Short Story
Alexander Malki Afram (honorable mention)
Ann Taylor Beall
Versha Alison Patel
Wagenheim Memorial Scholarship
in English
2003: Kathleen Taylor Boyle
Wallace-Poole Prize in Environmental Sciences
Debra Marie German
McIntire School of Commerce
F. Evans Farwell Achievement Award
Smitha Sindhu Gopal
Federation of Schools of Accountancy Student Achievement Award
John Powell Custis
Joseph Goldsten Distinguished Award in Finance
Peter Lydon Sheeran
National Association of Accountants Carman G. Blough Award
Ashley Elizabeth Deihr
Henry R. Odell Award in Management
Lytle Anne Wurtzel
William F. O’Dell Distinguished Award in Marketing
Matthew David Rubin
David W. Thompson Award
in Accounting
Dominic Eli Dragisich
Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Award of Achievement
Jaime L. Baran
Wall Street Journal
Student Achievement Award
Kathryn Anne Bowman
George Wasserman Distinguished Awards in Marketing
Sarah Ann Bruss
Jacqueline Merie Ferris
Curry School of Education
Richard Abidin Award for
Clinical Excellence
2003: Angela Sue Breidenstine
Howard W. Allen Award
2003: Cortnee Marie Slocum
Joan Larie Bell Scholarship
2003: Suzanne Marie Quartuccio
A. L. Bennett Endowed Scholarship
2003: Joelle Lynn Leader
Martha Nelson Bradley Fellowship
2003: Rebecca Paige Stoner
Robert P. and Anne W. Buford
2003: Amy Ellen Dean
Helen Gunderson Burr Award
Stacey Marie Silverblatt
Bernard W. Busse Award
2003: Stephanie Dawn Grieves
Jay L. Chronister Student Award in Higher Education
2003: Julie Kirsten Turner
David F. Cooke Award
Anna Elizabeth Crosswhite
Curry Trustees Fellowship
2003: Amy C. Earehart Lovelace
Westmoreland Davis Governor’s Scholarship
2003: Katherine Jett Morris
Delta Kappa Gamma
Virginia Scholar Award
Gina Rachelle Cox
Frank E. Flora Scholarship
2003: Luvelle Cornel Brown
George C. Graham Scholarship
Elizabeth Fulton Morris
Gladys M. Graham Scholarship
2003: Kristen Renee Northern
Mary Alice and Edgar J. Gunter, Jr., Scholarship
Suzanne Michelle Esterson
Linwood Holton
Governor’s Scholarship
2003: Heather Dawn Pozun
Inge Family Scholarship
2003: Emily Bradford Richard
Nathan E. Johnson
Memorial Scholarship
2003: Shunda Lashae Brown
Miriam and Edward D. Knight
Endowed Fund Scholarship
2003: Teresa Michelle King
Ullin W. Leavell Award
2003: Heather Jean Audet
William C. Lowry Scholarship
Alissa Darcella Eichinger
Richard A. Meade Awards
2003: Huntington Lyman
2004: Gail Ann Rochelle
Odelia Moore Scholarship
2003: Shannon E. Carlin
Dr. Susan Bjork O’Brien
Memorial Scholarship
2003: Diane Jackson Schnoor
Outstanding Bachelor of Science in Education Student Award
Valerie Ann Rodriguez
Outstanding Doctoral Student Awards
2003: Steven Mark Elliott
2004: Melissa Hunfalvay
Outstanding Master of Education Student Award
Katherine Grace Herndon
Robert Septimus Pace, Jr., Scholarships
2003: Amy Catherine Alvarado
Jenny Rene Isaacs-Lowe
David H. Perrin Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Scholarship
2003: Eric Daniel McVeyPhilip Morris Minority Fellowship
2003: Sherell Maria Fuller
W. Thomas and Jacqueline J. Rice Scholarship
2003: Brenda Esther Awad
Hunter Page Taylor
Memorial Scholarship
2003: Jennifer Anne Herner
William H. Van Hoose
Memorial Awards
2003: Valerie Gene Balog
2004: Shunda LaShae Brown
Paul B. Walter Master of Education Student Award
2003: Carolyn Howe Wirth
W. W. Whitlock Award
2003: Lynne Elizabeth Bowman
Alice Becker Hinchcliffe Williams Award
Elizabeth Louise Burnette
Darden Graduate School of Business Administration
Samuel Forrest Hyde Memorial Fellowship
Katherine E. Bisbee
William Michael Shermet Awards
Priya Mohan Balani
Richard David Banyard
Gordon Margraf Bussard
Vikas Amir Gurudev Chawla
Christopher William DuPaul
William Horace Jeffress
Jay Graves Lambiotte
William Bannon Luckert
Matthew William Finbar McCarthy
Rajesh Shantaram Nakhwa
Danton Trent Nolan
Michael R. Personick
Patrick Cheng Ru
Craig Edwards Wiese
James William Wininger
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Lewis E. Ackers Scholarships
2002: Shannon Lee Graeber
2003: Shannon Lee Graeber
Christine Michalina Rutkowski
Charity Marthe Rychak
American Institute of Chemists Award
Robert Charles Dye
ASCE William J. Thompson Award
James Terence Woodward
Chemical Engineering Faculty Awards for Achievement and Service
2003: Thomas Francis Woods
2004: Christopher William Bagley
Fabienne Gaillard
Abhishek Gupta
Civil Engineering Faculty Award
Thomas T. Baber
Clark Construction Group, Inc., Scholarships
2002: Scott Ryan Kreissler
2003: Kevin Gregory McGrath
Computer Science Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant
2003: Tian He
Computer Science Undergraduate Award for Education
Tiffany Nichols
Computer Science Undergraduate Award for Service
David Chiyuan Chu
Dow Outstanding Third Year Award in Chemical Engineering
Jill Erin McConaughy
Electrical and Computer Engineering Outstanding Graduate Teaching Awards
2001: Qiyu Huang
2002: Todd Allan Summers
2004: Robert Bruce Bass
Robert T. Ferguson III Memorial Award for Excellence
1998: David Roy Forrest
C. N. Gaylord Scholarships
2001: Khadija Melan Abdur-Rahman
2002: Khadija Melan Abdur-Rahman
Joseph Robert Senior
2003: Scott Ryan Kreissler
Dudley M. Harman Scholarship in Chemical Engineering
Jennifer Anne Coyne
C. William Hartman
Achievement Awards
2002: Justine Alexis-Marie Gozzi
2003: Khadija Melan Abdur-Rahman
Henry L. Kinnier Scholarship
James Terence Woodward
Alvin Hurd McNeilly Memorial Scholarships
Virginia Ann Barb
Jonathan Michael Cristiani
Merck Scholarship
Justin Richard Steele
James S. Miller Electrical and
Computer Engineering Award
2003: Jakob Burner Harmon
Harold S. Morton, Jr., Memorial Scholarship
2003: Matthew Wright Kindig
Donald F. Othmer
Academic Excellence Award
Jill Erin McConaughy
David Lee Preddy Awards
in Chemical Engineering
Sharon Leigh Sadler
Zachary Thomas Schaffer
Louis T. Rader
Aerospace Engineering Awards
Sally Page Moffett
David Cheney Street
Louis T. Rader
Chemical Engineering Awards
2003: Stacey Erin Siporin
2004: Justin Richard Steele
Louis T. Rader
Civil Engineering Awards
Alan Renison Kreisa
Kevin Gregory McGrath
Louis T. Rader
Computer Science Award
Joshua Alan Zaritsky
Louis T. Rader Electrical and
Computer Engineering Awards
Neda Cvijetic
Jonathan Clay Kelley
Christopher Edward Rehorn
Sharon Michelle Woodruff
Louis T. Rader
Mechanical Engineering Award
Louis Robert Marroquin
Sigma Gamma Tau Outstanding Student Award
Sharlotte Lorraine Bolyard
Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium Awards
Neda Cvijetic (winner)
Alla Aksel (2nd place)
Sally Page Moffett (3rd place)
Sterling N. Vines Memorial Scholarship
Justin Richard Steele
Virginia Ready-Mixed Concrete Association Awards
2003: Stephanie Lyn Kassoy
Joseph Robert Senior
Mac Wade Award for Outstanding Service to the School of Engineering and Applied Science
Ryan Michael Ewalt
School of Law
Mortimer Caplin Public Service Fellowship
Areshini Pather
Hardy Cross Dillard Scholarships
Michael Stephen Passaportis
Anne Elizabeth Ralph
Kevin Gafford Ritz
Kosta Stanko Stojilkovic
Mary Claiborne and Roy H. Ritter Prizes
Samuel Fraser Reid
Kevin Gafford Ritz
Emily Joy VanderWilt
Jeffrey Paul Yarbro
School of Medicine
Robert M. Blizzard Pediatric Scholar Award
Matthew James O’Connor
C. Richard Bowman Scholarship Award
Joseph Augustus Jackson
Samuel Michael Brooke Memorial Award in Hematology
Mukta Chandra Srivastava
James R. Cash Pathology Book Award
Joshua David Hall
Douglas W. Eastwood Award in Anesthesiology
Farnaz Jamie Milani
Richard F. Edlich Medical Student Research Award in Emergency Medicine
Alfa Omar Diallo
Herbert R. Farber Award
Peter Thomas Troell
Humanism in Medicine Award
Joseph Augustus Jackson
R. Scott Jones Award in Surgery
Paris Desoto Butler
Leadership Award
Maria Michelle Meussling
Gratton Alexander Litz III Award in Internal Medicine
Rebecca Lynn Youkey
McGilvery Memorial Book Awards in Biochemistry
Yun Katherine Hu
Matthew Charles McClelland
Medical Alumni Association
Outstanding Student Award
Maria Michelle Meussling
Medical Student Teaching Awards
Scott James Iwashyna
Matthew Preston Traynor
School of Nursing
Nursing Students Contributing Most to University of Virginia
Carolyn Meredith Campbell
Mary Elizabeth Weinstein
Student Contributing Most to School of Nursing
Angela Catherine Freeburger
Phyllis J. Verhonick Research Award
Victoria Menzies
Other Awards
Alumni Association’s Ernest H. Ern Distinguished Student Award
Mary-Elizabeth Bruce
Elsie Hughes Cabell Endowed Scholarship
2003: Kelly Jean Babyok
Robert Canevari Award
2003: Niko Douglas Schutte
Richard Heath Dabney Awards
2003: Niko Douglas Schutte
2004: Mary Elizabeth Weinstein
Gray-Carrington Leadership Awards
Vicky Ayano Jones
John Rocco MacMillan Rodney
Luke Eugene Wagner
David A. Harrison III
Undergraduate Research Awards
2002: Richard Lee Barnes
Kathleen Daly Hamm
Kurt Elliott Mitman
Bilal Ahsan Qureshi
2003: Jesse Emory Bible
Sharlotte Lorraine Bolyard
Kimberly Lynn Decker
Lara Kathryn Eilhardt
Edmund Lee Etheridge
Anne Marie Falk
Noopur Gangopadhya
Sachin Gupta
Julie Renee Guyenet
Christina Viau Haden
William Hill Harman
Patrick Edward Hopkins
Erin Colleen Houlihan
Razeyeh Sabra Jafarzadeh
Jiang Lei
Andrew Wenhua Ju
Benjamin David Keim
Leah Jean Kruszewski
Anna Harrison McCrerey
Sally Page Moffett
Keith William Moored
Yvonne Marie Mowery
Wynn Lei Lei Nyane
Anna Marie Palumbo
Rebeen D. Pasha
Merve Yusra Satoglu
Katherine Adrea Schumann
Daniel Gregory Streicker
Jessica Leigh Tarleton
Matthew Thomas Warren
Shan Wu
Thomas Jefferson Award
Robert M. Carey
Thomas Jefferson Foundation
Medal in Architecture
Peter E. Walker
Thomas Jefferson Foundation
Medal in Law
J. Harvie Wilkinson III
Brander Wyatt Morrison Prizes in Music
William Zachary Duberstein
James Thornton Gammon
Henry Stern Jessup
Katherine Francis Lynch
Norbert Mburu Ng’ethe
Anna Marie Palumbo
James Bradley Rogers
Jessica Lynn Rudman
Christian Danforth Terry
Guanqiao Tong
Lucas Daniel Ward
Office of African-American Affairs’ Longevity of Excellence Awards
Ermias Shawel Abebe
Stefanie Bernadette Baker
Philip Julian Baldwin
Kwame Nkrumah Boadi
Christopher Lee Canty
Themba M. H. Carr
Veronica Monique Cooper
Kimalee Charisse Cottrell
Maya Cecilee Davis
Lindsey Nicole Desmond
Jonathan Robert Evans
Erica Davonne Farrand
Paul David Gillispie
Zaneta I Graves
John Oswald Greene
Lula A. Hagos
Sally Holmes
Riziki Shoshana House
Nebil Ahmed Hussen
Anthony Leon Jackson
Jamie Lee Jackson
Ashley Lauren Johnson
Earthen Elizabeth Johnson
Embrolic Darsha Jones
Vicky Ayano Jones
Jennifer Channel Kasey
Darren David Kelly
Chennel Christian Lafate
Tamika Antionette Lockhart
Jamela Marcia Martin
Alisha Ann Martorella
Bsrat Mezghebe
Brandon Marshall Miller
Chara Michelle Moore
Norbert Mburu Ng’ethe
Jude Norelus
Okecheukwu Uzodim Nwogu
Amber Rose Payne
Syreeta Briana Price
Herbert Jason Reid
Gerald Selven Robinson
Melissa Renae Rock
Cynthia Renee Roller
Melissa Kay Scott
Cortnee Marie Slocum
Shealin Linsey Smoot
Justin Richard Steele
Ryan Allan Stewart-Freder
Tainika Michelle Taylor
Quentin David Washington
Lakeisha Nicole Watkins
Raven Society Awards
Students: Kurt Elliott Mitman
Kevin Gafford Ritz
Faculty: William H. Fishback
Annette Gibbs
Edgar J. Shannon Awards
Presented by the “Z” Society
School of Architecture:
Kate Alison Thatcher
College of Arts and Sciences:
Brooke Caroline Green
Curry School of Education:
Melanie Diana Matthews
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences:
Jeffrey David Crane
McIntire School of Commerce:
Dominic Eli Dragisich
School of Engineering:
Patricia Ann Convery
School of Medicine:
Yun Katherine Hu
Matthew James O’Connor
School of Nursing:
Emily Suzanne Smith
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards
Students: Jessica Lauren Belue
Justin Richard Steele
Faculty: Alice W. Handy
M. Rick Turner Distinguished Student Award
Justin Richard Steele
Whitfield-Randolph Scholarship
1994: Michelle Anne Burack
2004: Louis Beverly Brill
T. Braxton Woody Awards
2003: Meghan Duell Hewitt
Michelle Lee Sassmann
Mary Sheppard Warthen
Teaching Awards
All University Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards
Christopher M. Nichols, History
Gordon B. Steffy, Religious Studies
Barbara E. Tawney, Systems and Informational Engineering
All University Outstanding Teaching Awards
K. Lawrie Balfour, Politics
John C. Bean, Electrical and Computer Engineering
R. Edward Freeman, Darden
William H. Guilford, Biomedical Engineering
Ann Baile Hamric, Nursing
Sanda D. Iliescu, Architecture and Art
Robert G. Kelly, Materials Science and Engineering
Elizabeth K. Meyer, Landscape Architecture
Michael Wormington, Biology
Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Awards
Bascom S. Deaver, Jr., Physics
Judith K. Sands, Nursing
Alumni Board of Trustees Teaching Award
Stacey Sinclair, Psychology
Robert Bennett Bean Teaching Award
Julie D. Turner, Microbiology
Cavaliers’ Distinguished Teaching Professorship
Cassandra L. Fraser, Chemistry
Daniels Family NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship
Mark W. Edmundson, English
Robley Dunglison Teaching Award
Curtis G. Tribble, Surgery
James Ernest Kindred Teaching Award
Carol A. Boersma, Pediatrics
Richard A. and Sarah Page Mayo NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship
Brian H. Balogh, History
Medical School Resident Teaching Award
Virginia C. Wiley, Family Medicine
Outstanding Departmental Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards
1997: Linda Marie Kalmia Johnson, Biology
2000: Jessica Sautner Howell, Economics
2001: June Anne Griffin, English
Benjamin Freder Lee, English
2002: John Clifton Woolley, Computer Science
2004: Ryan Eugene Emanuel, Environmental Sciences
Maria Donovan Fitzpatrick, Economics
Jacqueline Couti, French
Sarah Elizabeth Cox, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Adam Michael Friedman, Education Leadership Foundations and Policy
Valerie Gene Balog, Education Human Services
Outstanding Education Professor Award
Carol A. Tomlinson
Outstanding Psychology Professor Award
Stacey Sinclair
Seven Society Graduate Fellowships for Superb Teaching
2003: Daniela Louisa Bell, Biology (finalist)
Elizabeth Warren Dunn, Psychology (finalist)
Amy Semmes Wentworth, Spanish (finalist)
2004: Ryan Jon Leone, English (finalist)
Jeanine Kelly Stefanucci, Psychology (finalist)
State Council of Higher Education TIAA-CREF Outstanding Faculty Award
Jonathan D. Haidt, Psychology
University of Virginia Teaching Fellows
Aniko Bodroghkozy, Media Studies
Robert J. Hirosky, Physics
Slava Krushkal, Mathematics
Hsin-Hsin Liang, Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
Nancy S. Weinfield, Psychology
Caroline Y. Westort, Landscape Architecture

Most grads ever donate to U.Va.

The Class of 2004 hit the highest all-time participation rate for contributing to the Class Giving Campaign, with 65 percent, or 2,015 students, raising $58,070 for the University. The gift is not designated for any one purpose. Students may give their money to any area. The previous class giving record was 44 percent.

Remember finals on DVD

A keepsake Finals DVD, which will include highlights of the procession from the Rotunda, the commencement address and conferring of degrees as well as highlights from Valediction and a video portrait of the Class of 2004’s time at U.Va., can be ordered for $29.95 at

View Graduation indoors

Live broadcasting of Final Exercises will be shown at several indoor sites around Grounds: Newcomb Hall Theater (with closed caption) and Ballroom, Ruffner Hall Auditorium (with closed caption), Gilmer Hall Auditorium and the Chemistry Auditorium.

A live Web stream of Finals will be available, too, at
/majorevents/webcastlive.html. The following video players may be used: Windows Media Player, QuickTime and RealOne (available to the first 100 viewers).

Check out ‘hoosonline’

New alumni can keep in touch with friends and U.Va. by registering for “hoosonline,” the alumni database. It offers a variety of services, such as career connections, e-mail forwarding for life and a search engine to find classmates. Go to

Wise graduation

Final Exercises at U.Va.’s College at Wise will be held at 11 a.m. May 22. Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore will give the Commencement Address before approximately 280 graduates and their guests.

Alumni cast as graduation speakers

John Warner, a 27-year veteran of the U.S. Senate and a 1953 graduate of the School of Law, will deliver the University’s Commencement Address May 16. More than 30,000 students and guests are anticipated at the 175th graduation ceremony, which begins with the traditional procession down the Lawn at 10 a.m.

Law alumna Elaine R. Jones will give a speech at the Law School’s diploma ceremony at 1 p.m. Jones, who in 1970 was the first African-American woman to graduate from the Law School, just retired as president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and
Educational Fund.

Deans, faculty and alumni will address graduates in the other diploma ceremonies.

At Valediction May 15, Tiki Barber, a 1997 graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce, will address the Class of 2004 on the Lawn at 11 a.m. Selected by the class, Barber is a star running back for the
National Football League’s New York Giants.

Graduates include senior citizens and teens

A total of 5,870 degrees will be awarded May 16, for students who finished in August 2003 and January 2004, as well as this month.
The two oldest degree candidates are John T. Buckley, who is receiving his Master of Laws in the judicial process, and Barbara J. Fried, who
received her M.A. in history this past January. Both are 68. The youngest degree candidates include two women who are 19: Cordelia C. Brodsky, who is receiving her B.A. in comparative literature, and Elizabeth Ann Grussendorf, who in January received her B.A. in foreign affairs and French.

Posthumous degrees are being awarded for Jeannie Marie Ahn and Ernest Trezevant Buchanan IV.



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of the University of Virginia

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