June 25-July 8, 2004
Vol. 34, Issue 12
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Boldness: Characterizes diversity, fund-raising goals
Immersed in science — Students get their gills wet in ‘Academical Village Tropicale’
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Immersed in science
San Salvador, Bahamas — Students get their gills wet in ‘Academical Village Tropicale’
Environmental Sciences Professor Dave Smith (left) and student members of Bio 350
Photos by Fariss Samarrai
Environmental Sciences Professor Dave Smith (left) and student members of Bio 350, a course in marine biology and
coral reef ecology, snorkel on a reef in the Bahamas.

“Bring your heart, your spirit, your mind ... bring the best of yourself to get the most out of this course. This can be a life-changing experience.” Fred “Doc” Diehl, lead instructor

By Fariss Samarrai

It is a warm Saturday evening in May and most U.Va. students have left Grounds for the summer. But 30 undergraduates are seated in a circle in a room in Gilmer Hall, about to begin Biology 350, an intensive three-week, four-credit study abroad course in marine biology and coral reef ecology.

By the end of the evening they will all know each other’s names. By the end of the course — when they return from San Salvador island in the Bahamas — they will know the names, popular and scientific, of hundreds of corals, sponges, algae, invertebrates and fish. Full story.

Characterizes diversity, fund-raising goals

President’s Commission on Diversity and Equity recommends creation of chief officer for diversity and equity; Ca steen discusses $3 billion initial campaign target

Staff Report

Despite warnings that a tornado might be heading toward the University the afternoon of June 11, President John T. Casteen III and members of the Board of Visitors’ Special Committee on Diversity gave their complete attention — and full support — to a plan to establish a chief officer for diversity and equity and to develop bold initiatives that will quickly position U.Va. as a leader among public institutions in these areas. Full story.

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