July 23-Sept. 2, 2004
Vol. 34, Issue 14
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Digest — U.Va. Top News Daily

Moreno to co-chair stem cell ethics panel
While controversy rages at the national policy level over the use of embryonic stem cells in medical research, the scientific community is seeking to set its own voluntary ethical standards. Jonathan Moreno, director of U.Va.’s Center for Biomedical Ethics, has been named to co-chair a new National Academy of Sciences committee that will seek to encourage responsible practices in human embryonic stem cell research. (July 14)

Thompson stepping down
A familiar face at U.Va.’s Miller Center of Public Affairs, Kenneth W. Thompson, will step down as longtime director of the center’s forum program effective Sept. 1. Thompson will continue to teach and write, as well as remain involved in center activities. George Gilliam, who has served as interim director of special programs, has been named to that position on a permanent basis. Gilliam will oversee the forum
program, public conferences and
other special events. (July 9-11)

Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction: Lessons learned
The U.S. government anticipated uncovering biological weapons in Iraq but was surprised when the effort to find them came up short. Just what did the United States get wrong? David Kay, former special adviser to the director of Central Intelligence in the search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, spoke in May at U.Va.’s Miller Center of Public Affairs on intelligence and the Iraq war. (July 15)

Lifestyle changes aid diabetics
A new study by researchers in U.Va.’s Health System shows that, with the help of registered dieticians, obese people with type 2 diabetes can drop extra pounds, reduce the use of prescription medication and achieve an improved quality of life. (July 15)

TAG, you’re it: Product makes rounds, emerges a company
Imagine a gel for treating patients with burns and open wounds that would reduce pain, lower costs, shorten hospital stays, improve patient comfort and provide superior antibacterial protection. That gel is TAG, a topical antimicrobial gel that U.Va. plastic surgeons have been using for more than a decade. So how does this well-kept secret with incredible potential make its way into the marketplace? That’s where the expertise of U.Va.’s Darden School comes into action. (July 8)



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