July 23-Sept. 2, 2004
Vol. 34, Issue 14
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Under One Roof:
New Children’s Medical Center planned

Terry Holland stepping down
Hospital’s best, according to U.S. News

Musical: Ticket to Heritage season success
MacArthur Fellows ‘transcend boundaries’
Fall leaves turn to ‘black gold’ in summer
Credit Union turns 50
‘Out of Country’ exhibit features Queensland art
Review Your Financial Portfolio
Students Experience Spain


News Briefs

Terry Holland stepping down
M. Terry Holland, a nationally respected leader in college athletics for three decades who led the U.Va. Department of Athletics through a
period of major growth, will step down as special assistant to U.Va. President John T. Casteen III, effective Aug. 31.

Holland first came to U.Va. on April 1, 1974, as head men’s basketball coach and over the next 16 seasons became the most successful coach in Cavalier history, with a record of 326-173. In 1995, he became U.Va.’s athletic director, a job he held until June 2001. Since then, he has been special assistant to the president, focusing his attention on one of his long-term goals — the creation of a new basketball arena. The John Paul Jones Arena is scheduled to open in 2006.

A look back at Holland’s contributions to U.Va. athletics will be published in the next issue of Inside UVA Sept. 3.

Hospital’s best, according to U.S. News
Nine medical specialties at the U.Va. Health System are listed in U.S. News & World Report’s 2004 edition of “America’s Best Hospitals,” including endocrinology, which held on to its fifth place ranking for the second year in a row. One list veteran — digestive health — moved five spaces from 29 to 24. The 15th annual edition appeared in the magazine’s July 12 issue.

U.Va. departments and divisions listed in this year’s guide and their rankings are endocrinology (hormonal disorders) (5); ear, nose and throat (18); urology (19); digestive disorders (24); gynecology (27); cancer (32); orthopedics (33); neurology and neurosurgery (37); and kidney disease (49).

Of 6,012 U.S. medical centers, 177 were included in the rankings. To qualify, a hospital must be affiliated with a medical school or provide at least nine of the 17 specified items of medical technology.

Medical volunteers head to Wise
In Southwest Virginia, a rising number of people have no access to healthcare or the insurance to pay for it. To address this need, the U.Va. Health System, in partnership with the Remote Area Medical Corp, the Lions Club, the Virginia Dental Association, St. Mary’s Health Wagon, the Lenowisco Health District and other groups, will provide healthcare at the fifth annual Remote Area Medical Clinic July 23-25. Some 6,000 people are expected at the Virginia-Kentucky Fairgrounds in Wise, Va., with 111 physicians, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists and radiologists from U.Va. volunteering to participate in one of the nation’s largest public health outreach efforts. Look for coverage in the next Inside UVA Sept. 3.

Green light for healthy snacks
Stop. Before feeding change into the vending machine for an afternoon snack, think about what you’re doing. The U.Va. Medical Center’s Healthy Vending Selections Project aims to help consumers make choices that promote overall health and weight management — with vending machine selections using a traffic signal motif. Green items are low in saturated fat, total fat and calories; yellow items have higher saturated fats, so should be eaten in moderation; and red items are highest in saturated fats, total fats and calories.

In Memoriam
• Robert White Page, of Earlysville, died April 12, 2004. Page retired in 1999 from Printing Services.

• Richard Milton Kemp, 63, died July 8. Kemp was retired from the
Hospital’s housekeeping staff.

• Phillip Roan Rittenhouse, 70, of Stanardsville, died July 11. He retired from food services in 1995.

• Theodore A. “Ted” Burnley, 71, of Charlottesville, died July 18. Burnley retired from the Medical Center’s maintenance department.

Sounding out lung cancer
Imagine using a medical “Geiger counter” to locate precancerous or cancerous lesions in the lungs. A team of doctors at the Health System, led by thoracic surgeon  Dr. Thomas Daniel, has done just that by developing a technique to find radioactive markers deposited in small or ill-defined pulmonary nodules that can then be removed by video surgery. The technique, published in the May 2004 issue of “The Annals of Thoracic Surgery,” could be important in finding lung cancer at an early stage, potentially leading to longer survival for patients.

Cancer of the lung and bronchus is still the most common and deadliest form of cancer today, leading to an estimated 157,200 deaths in the U.S. in 2003, according to the American Cancer Society.

Paramedic program accredited
The Emergency Medical Services paramedic program, conducted by the Health System and Piedmont Virginia Community College, has received national accreditation from the Committee for the Accreditation of Allied ealth Education Programs. Through this recognition, the Health System and PVCC can assure future paramedics that their work meets the standards set by the emergency response industry.

Dr. Sabina Braithwaite, of U.Va. who helped develop the program, believes that accreditation will result in better training for paramedics responding to 911 calls in Charlottesville. Because of rapid population growth in Central Virginia, the program’s graduates are in high demand.

Inside UVA back-to-school deadline
Inside UVA will not publish in August. The next issue will be the back-to-school edition, Sept. 3. The deadline for news briefs and calendar events is Aug. 23. Information can be sent to insideuva@virginia.edu.

Making Headlines
U.Va. faculty and staff media quotes recently cited in Headlines@
Craig Barton, associate professor of architecture and urban design
• “Graduates Seek to Save Black School,” Associated Press, July 9
Louis Bloomfield, physics professor
• “Gaining Sense of How Inertia Really Works,” Arizona Republic, July 9
Julian Bond, history professor
• “NAACP’s Bond Criticizes Republicans: At the Convention, He Said the Party ‘Appealed to the Dark Underside of American Culture,’” Philadelphia Inquirer, July 12
David Breneman, dean, Curry School of Education
• “New Book Accuses Education Dept. of Research Errors That Skewed Policy Making,” Chronicle of Higher Education, July 6
James G. Clawson, professor of business administration
• “Suit May Be a Teaching Tool: Professors at Virginia Schools Say Wal-Mart Case is Likely to be Used as Part of Their Classroom Discussions,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 15
Robert Cross, assistant professor of commerce
• “Seeing the Social Network,” Time, June 21
Rita Dove, English professor
• “Warner Names 4 VCU Board Members: The Governor Also Made Many Appointments to Several Other Schools, Cultural Foundations,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, June 29
Kenneth Elzinga, economics professor
• “No Clear-Cut Winner in Oracle Antitrust Trial,” CNet News.com, July 1
R. Edward Freeman, business professor; academic director, Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics, Darden School
• “A New Regard for Ethics on the Job: Trust: Business Scandals are Prompting New Laws, While Companies and Schools are Paying More Attention to Ethical Behavior,” Baltimore Sun, July 9
Paul Gaston, history professor emeritus
• “Voices on the Rise: Southern Liberals Speak Up in New Collection of Essays,” Roll Call, July 12
• “All Things Considered,” National Public Radio, report on new book to which he contributed, “Where We Stand: Voices of Southern Dissent,” July 11
Christopher Holstege, director, Blue Ridge Poison Center
• “Snakebite Season Strikes During Summer Months,” Daily Progress, July 15
A.E. Dick Howard, law professor
• “How Two Senators Molded a Court: Thurmond and Helms Left a Conservative Mark on 4th Circuit,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 11
Yvonne Hubbard, director, Student Financial Services
• “A.M. Charlottesville,” WCHV-AM, interview on Access UVA financial aid program, July 12
John C. Jeffries, dean, School of Law
• “Morning Edition,” National Public Radio, report on the Supreme Court’s ruling affirming the rights of detainees held as enemy combatants, July 5
Claire Kaplan, sexual assault education coordinator, U.Va. Women’s Center
• “The Straight and Narrow: H.B. 751 Prompts Gay Rights Outcry,” C-Ville Weekly
Dean W. Krehmeyer, executive director, Business Roundtable Institute For Corporate Ethics, Darden School
• “Ex-Chief Lay Indicted in Fall of Enron: Energy Firm’s Chairman, CEO Facing Federal Criminal Charges; SEC Also to Bring Civil Fraud Case,” Baltimore Sun, July 8
Angeline Lillard, associate psychology professor
• “Must Educators Make Fools of Themselves?” (letter to the editor), Wall Street Journal, July 2
Jonathan D. Moreno, biomedical ethics professor; director, Center for Biomedical Ethics
• “Nonlethal Weapons Raise Lots of Ethical Questions” (commentary), St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 4
Julie Myers, head women’s lacrosse coach
• “Hotseat: Julie Myers: Walk Softly, Carry a Big (Lacrosse) Stick,” The Hook
Sean T. O’Brien, deputy director, Thomas C. Sorensen Institute for Public Service
• “Teenagers Delve Into State Politics: As Part of Course, They Visit Virginia Capitol,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 15
Robert M. O’Neil, law professor
• UMW Board to Review Names: Board of Visitors Plans More Name Talk,” Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, July 10
Dan Ortiz, law professor
• “Gay-Rights Backers Rally in City,” Daily Progress, July 1
• “New Ban on Gay Unions to Begin: Homosexuals Set to Protest,” Washington Times, June 30
Dennis Proffitt, psychology professor
• “When the Brain Says, ‘Don’t Get Too Close,’” New York Times, July 13
William Quandt, politics professor
• “Summer of Scrutiny Expected to Rake the CIA Over the Coals,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 4
Steven Rhoads, politics professor
• National Review, “Vive La Difference!” (book review), July 12
Mark Russell, dermatology professor
• “Keeping the Sun’s Rays Away,” Lynchburg News & Advance, July 9
Larry J. Sabato, politics professor and director, U.Va. Center for Politics
• “Pelosi Prediction: 'I am Going to be Speaker' In '05: House's Top Dem Confident of Return to Majority Party,” San Francisco Chronicle, July 16
• “Virginia Candidates Neck and Neck in Race to the Bank: Kaine, Kilgore Both Tapping Business,” Washington Post, July 16
• “Candidates in Dead Financial Heat,” Daily Progress, July 16
• “Incumbents Win Money Game,” Hampton Roads Daily Press, July 16
• “Kaine, Kilgore Almost Deadlocked in Gov's Race Fundraising,” Associated Press, July 15
• “Fox and Friends,” Fox News, report on battleground states in presidential election, July 15
• “Democratic Convention Speakers to Highlight Kerry’s Life Story,” Cox News Service, July 14
• “U.S. Voters Seldom Swayed by the Running Mate,” Reuters News, July 14
• “Gay Marriage Vote Could Re-ignite U.S. ‘Culture War,’” Reuters, July 13
• “Special Report With Brit Hume,” Fox News, report on the possibility of postponing elections in the event of a terrorist attack, July 12
• “Nightly News,” NBC, report on the presidential election’s social themes, July 12
• “2 Sides of Elizabeth Edwards,” USA Today, July 12
• “Campaigns View 4 States as Crucial, Ad Analysis Shows,” USA Today, July 12
• “Kerry TV Ads Outpace Bush’s,” USA Today, July 12
• “The Modest, Impassioned ‘Anti-Barbie’: Elizabeth Edwards — Known for a Good Mind and Good Sense — Takes Her Political Skills to a Larger Stage,” Christian Science Monitor, July 12
• “The Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage: ‘Wedge Issue’ Isn’t Grabbing Conservatives: Senate Vote on Constitutional Amendment Set for Wednesday; Ban Appears Doomed,” San Francisco Chronicle, July 12
• “Looking for a Summer Bounce: Democrats Get Lift as Party Rolls Out Presidential Duo But Bush-Cheney Ticket Returns to Spotlight in August,” Associated Press, July 11
• “The Edwards Effect: In 2000, Both Major Parties Chased the ‘Soccer Mom’ Demographic. Will John Edwards Attract Suburban Female Votes for John Kerry in November?,” St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, July 11
• “Edwards Touts Middle-Class Tax Cuts, Corporate Responsibility,” Bloomberg News Service, July 10
• “Ohio Candidates, Parties Using New Tool of Web Logs,” Associated Press, July 10
• “Will Lay Indictment be a Drag on Bush Campaign?: Voters Will be Reminded of the President’s Ties to Enron, Analysts Say. But Some May See Him as Being Tough on Corporate Crime,” Los Angeles Times, July 9
• “Don’t Count on Sundays Off Work, Yet: The General Assembly Will Return to Richmond on Tuesday, and its Focus Will be on Legislation That Was Never Intended to Become Law,” Hampton Roads Daily Press, July 9
• “Tavis Smiley Show,” National Public Radio, report on impact of John Edwards’ candidacy in the South, July 8
• “The Democratic Ticket: Gee Up!: Democrats Think John Edwards is a Great Campaigner Who Will Improve John Kerry’s Presidential Chances. That Looks Half Right,” The Economist [London], July 8
• “Running Mate Has Big Money: Democrats Are Hoping That Some of the Millions That Flowed to Edwards Will Now Flow Into the Party’s Coffers,” Los Angeles Times, July 8
• “Defining Edwards: Trial Lawyer an Asset or Liability?,” Afx News, July 8
• “Michigan Dems Tout Energy, Charisma of Edwards: ‘Dynamic Duo’ is Best Ticket to Win Pivotal State, Party Says,” Detroit News, July 7
• “Edwards May Help Party in N.C. Votes: Democratic Official Says Benefit is Likely to Aid ‘Down-Ballot’,” Winston-Salem Journal, July 7
• “North Carolina to Play Larger Role in Presidential Race,” Greensboro [N.C.] News & Record, July 7
• “Kerry Chooses His Former Rival to Join Democratic Ticket,” Greensboro [N.C.] News & Record, July 7
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• “Edwards Complements Kerry Campaign,” Gannett News Service, July 7
• “Running-Mate Decision is Headline News,” Boston Globe, July 7
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• “Marketplace,” Minnesota Public Radio, report on choice of John Edwards as vice presidential candidate and its reception in the business community, July 6
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• “DeMint Tailors Traditional Republican Message With Modern Flavor,” Associated Press, July 5
• “On the Trail: Edwards Gets Wide Exposure and Often Encouragement as He Hobnobs With Democrats While Contending for Vice President,” Winston-Salem [N.C.] Journal, July 4
• “Green Party’s National Strategy ‘Realistic’ or ‘Laughable’?: Election 2004: Greens Say They Don’t Expect to Win the White House; Their Goal is Ballot Access.” Portland (Maine) Press Herald, July 4
• “Alleghany County Teacher Enters 9th District Race,” Roanoke Times, July 3
• “Gov. Tells Kerry ‘No’’: Richardson Wants Off Any V.P. List,” Albuquerque (N.M.) Journal, July 2
• “Trial Seen to Hold Potential Risks, Upside for Bush,” Boston Globe, July 2
• “Western Presidential Caucus May Sap Ethanol’s Policy Role,” Inside Fuels & Vehicles, July 1
• “Hometown Clash Develops Between Democratic Convention Host, Nominee,” Associated Press, June 30
• “LaMarche Says She’ll Vote for Whoever Can Beat Bush: The Green Party Candidate for Vice President Says She is Running to Help Her Party,” Portland [Maine] Press Herald, June 30
• “Regulator’s Marriage Stirs Flap: Spouse Works for Big Insurer,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 30
• “Campaign 2004: Gas Prices Fading as Campaign Issue, But Political Fallout May Linger – Experts,” Greenwire, June 28
David Shreve, scholar, Miller Center of Public Affairs
• “Precision Reigned in Bush’s Words, Despite Dubious Ring,” Newark [N.J.] Star-Ledger, July 4
Matt Smyth, interim director of communications, Center for Politics
• “Is Kerry Really Contesting Virginia?,” Augusta (Va.) Free Press, July 14
Timothy Wu, associate law professor
• “Morning Edition,” National Public Radio, report on the Supreme Court’s consideration of foreign court rulings in forming opinions, July 13
Philip Zelikow, history professor; director, Miller Center of Public Affairs
• “Dispatches: After Scrutiny of 9/11, Scrutiny of Panel’s Staff,” International Herald Tribune, July 6

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