July 1- 14, 2005
Vol. 35, Issue 12
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In-Band adjustments
Inquisitive Koreans get overview of the U
Brooks' courses blend law & literature
Sorensen College Leaders Program
Detmer dons thinking cap to diagnose state of health care

Giving the gift of hearing

Making 'no child left behind' a reality not rhetoric
Hawes guides students to off-Grounds housing
Building the digital library
Lost classic revealed
A wonderful way to see the world
Budding musicians learn what lies beyond the notes

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In-Band Adjustments
One Way Managers Can Boost Staff Pay

Until five years ago, employees were dependent on state-determined, across-the-board pay increases, unless their duties changed markedly and their managers felt that a job reclassification was in order. Full story
Whirlwind Tour Inquisitive Koreans get overview of the U
Photos by Dan Addison
A delegation from Korea University, the newest member of Universitas 21, got a tour of the Lawn from U.Va. student guide Adam Van Deusen on June 20.

Talk about tough assignments. How about the one that Denise Karaoli received in May? Full story

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