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July 15- Aug. 25, 2005
Vol. 35, Issue 13
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New nursing program

Karen Johns named head softball coach

Employees: IM-Rec subsidy increase
Gomez named head of International Energy Group

An island reborn
Jefferson scholar program turns 25
Placemaking seminar helps foster vital communities
Artists, audiences collaborate in 'The Paper Sculpture Show'
Now funded: U.S.-Iceland exchange program


News briefs

In March, members of the various U.Va. Employee Communication Councils proposed that the University increase the intramural subsidy that employees receive for access to U.Va. facilities from $25 to $50. After reviewing the proposal, Leonard W. Sandridge, executive vice president and chief operating officer, agreed to increase the subsidy from the current $25 to $50 for fiscal year 2006, effective July 1, 2005.

“It will be important to measure the effectiveness of the new subsidy on increasing faculty and staff membership before commitments are made in future years,” Sandridge said. “The extent to which more employees exercise at our facilities will help determine what changes might be made to this subsidy in future years.”

Cheryl Gomez, director of energy and utilities, was elected 2005-2006 chairwoman of the International District Energy Association at IDEA’s
annual meeting on June 27. An IDEA member for 11 years, Gomez is the only woman serving as director of utilities at a major U.S. college or university. She heads U.Va.’s district energy system, which supplies the U.Va. campus with steam for heating and chilled water for cooling. The Association of Energy Engineers recently named Gomez Energy Engineer of the Year for 2005.

The North Grounds Connector, a half-mile, $4.1 million road linking Massie Road with the U.S. 250 Bypass, is on schedule, according to project manager Richard Laurance. Massie Road, which was closed to construct a new intersection with the NGC, should reopen Aug. 20. Laurance said construction crews have worked around 23 separate utility lines that cross Massie Road at the new intersection. When the road is completed by June 2006, it will be the main entranceway for the new John Paul Jones
Arena and the main entrance to the North Grounds area.

The Teaching Resource Center’s August Teaching Workshop — to be held on Aug. 18 and 19 in Old Cabell Hall, Room 107, from 8:15 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. — is a time focused on introductions to new colleagues, designed to
answer some of the common questions about teaching at U.Va., and structured to be productive for both experienced and inexperienced
teachers. It can help ease the transition from summer to fall
semester, especially for newcomers.

Since 1990, thousands of faculty members and teaching assistants new to the University have had their paths smoothed and their concerns
addressed at the August Teaching Workshop. The concurrent, interactive sessions are meant to be practical, interdisciplinary and focused on
issues relevant to teaching any subject matter.

From teaching the first few days to avoiding potential problems and pitfalls; from lecturing, leading discussions or teaching labs to getting to know your students; the workshop offers not only an opportunity to learn about teaching, but also an excellent chance to begin academic life at U.Va.

The workshop, spanning two half-days and including complimentary lunch, is funded by the Office of the Vice President and Provost and presented by the Teaching Resource Center. Preregistration is strongly encouraged and can be done online at trc.virginia.edu, via
e-mail at trc-uva@virginia.edu, or by calling 982-2815.

On-site registration will be available on Aug. 18 and 19 in the Old Cabell Hall lobby.

The Department of Computer Science has embarked on a study into the usage of wireless Internet access points, commonly referred to as WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) hotspots.

Tech-savvy travelers, students and mobile professionals recently have discovered the freedom to access the Internet free of cost from wireless Internet “hotspots” throughout major cities, airports and college

Hotspots constantly are being added to cafes, hotels, airports, restaurants and campuses. Media accounts also describe how users are able to benefit from these oases of free Internet access. However, these reports lack important information about how the hotspots are used and the effect they have on those who operate them. U.Va.’s study hopes to provide that information.

The study will proceed in three parts. First, survey data will be collected from hotspot users. Second, data will be collected from hotspots throughout the country to more thoroughly analyze the behavior of hotspot users. Finally, a nationwide survey will be administered to determine how many Americans are aware of hotspots and how many actually use them.

The first part of the survey is currently ongoing. The survey questions are available on the Internet at www.hotspotstats.org. The computer science department encourages those who already are hotspot users to take the survey. The Web site also contains a more detailed description of the study. For information, contact William Hawkins at (864) 386-2286 or hawkinsw@cs.virginia.edu.

Making Headlines

U.Va. faculty and staff media quotes recently cited in Headlines@U.Va.:

Rajesh Aggarwal, associate business professor

  • “Mass. Regulator Interviews Goldman CEO on Gillette,” Reuters, June 28.

Joseph P. Allen, psychology professor

  • “Popularity's Hidden Cost,” YM, July 1.

Daniel Bluestone, architectural history professor

  • “Trash or Treasure? What Happens When Your Run-Down Old House Turns Out to be 'Historic'?” C'ville Weekly, June 28.

Peter Brooks, English and law professor

  • “Buzzwords and Their Evolving Meanings: Fictions,” Chronicle of Higher Education, July 6.

Rosa Brooks, associate law professor

  • “In Defense of Women in Combat,” (Commentary) The L.A. Times, July 2.

James E. Burroughs and Richard F. Demong, McIntire School professors

  • “Study: Accept Prepayment Fee, Get Lower Mortgage Rate,” Birmingham Business Journal, June 24.

James Childress, religious studies professor

  • “EPA Criticized for Pesticide Testing Rules,” Los Angeles Times, June 28.

David Ciepley, political philosophy professor

  • “Battles Over Court Have History of Sparking Culture Wars,” Chicago Tribune, July 4.

Joanne Cohoon, assistant science, technology and society professor

  • “Computer Crash,” Triangle Business Journal, July 1.

Dewey G. Cornell, psychologist and Curry School professor

  • “At Age 13, City Youth is Accused of Murder,” Baltimore Sun, June 29.

Dudley Doane, director, Center for American English Language and Culture

  • “Unclear on American Campus: What the Foreign Teacher Said,” New York Times, June 24.

Kenneth Elzinga, economics professor

  • “Econ 101: Mystery Novelist Polishes His Spearman,” The Hook, June 23.

Ted Genoways, editor, Virginia Quarterly Review

  • “Foetry Exposes a Tangled Web of Questionable Poetry Contests,” Los Angeles Times, July 6.

Kim Guenther, Health System Webmaster

  • “Web Site Redesign: Knowing When It's Time,” Online, July 1.

Elizabeth Grace Hale, history professor

  • “A History Scarred by Lynchings,” Washington Post, July 7.

Frederick Hayden, infectious diseases professor

  • “Bird Flu Found in Migratory Geese in China,” USA Today, July 7.

Jay Hirsh, biology professor and neuroscientist

  • “Body's Clock Tied To Addiction,” Kings.com, July 5.

Paul J. Hoehner, Harvey Fellow in theology, ethics and culture and associate anesthesiology professor

  • “Ethical Alternative for Obtaining Embryonic-Like Stem Cells Gains Wide Support,” Michnews.com, July 6.

Max Holland, Robert David Johnson, David Shreve and Kent B. Germany, editors of the Presidential Recordings: Lyndon B. Johnson -- The Kennedy Assassination and the Transfer Of Power, November 1963 - January 1964, Vols. 1-3

  • “Transition Born Of Tragedy, Word By Word,” Boston Globe, July 3.

A.E. Dick Howard, law Professor

  • “High Court's Vacancy Puts Spotlight on Virginian,” Virginian-Pilot, July 7.
  • “The Power Broker,” Time Magazine, July 11.
  • “U.S. High Court Term Underscores Limits of Rehnquist Influence,” Bloomberg News Service, June 28.

Erika Hayes James, associate professor in the Darden School

  • “Woman on Board,” Entrepreneur Magazine, July 5.

John Jeffries, law school dean

  • “In List of Potential Justices, Many Kinds of Conservative,” New York Times, July 2.
  • “The Court's First Woman Often Had the Final Say,” Houston Chronicle, July 2.

Neal Kassell, neurological surgeon

  • “Neurosurgeon Tackles Stroke Complication,” Daily Progress, July 2.

Edward G. Lengel, history professor

  • “American Idol, Imperfect Commander,” Orlando Sentinel, July 3.

Paul Lombardo, director, Program in Law and Medicine at the Center for Biomedical Ethics

  • “A Dispute Over Brain Donations: Families Allege Improper Consent in Lawsuits Against Bethesda Institute,” Washington Post, June 29.

Michael Mann, environmental sciences professor

  • “Scientists Told to Turn Over Data Behind Global Warming Theory,” Cox News Service, July 2.

Daniel J. Meador, law professor emeritus

  • “Getting to Yes on Judges,” (Commentary) Legal Times, June 27.

Patrick Michaels, environmental scientist and state climatologist

  • Was interviewed about global climate change by CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, July 4.

John Norton Moore, law professor and director, Center for National Security Law

  • “CIA Abduction in Italy Shows U.S. Bungling – Experts,” Reuters News Service, June 29.

Jonathan Moreno, biomedical ethics professor

  • “Denmark Finds Eager U.S. Market for "Viking Babies",” Newsday (Long Island, N.Y.), July 3.

Tim Naftali, director, Presidential Recordings Project

  • “Milan Snatch: Extraordinary Rendition Comes Back to Bite the Bush Administration,” Slate Magazine, June 30.

John Nemec, religious studies assistant professor

  • “Indian Hard-Liner Adjusts His Sails to Catch Winds of Peaceful Change,”  Christian Science Monitor, June 29.

Brian Nosek, psychology professor

  • “The Once-Over,” Psychology Today, June 24.

David O'Brien, political science professor

  • “War Begins on Rehnquist Replacement,” Newsmax, June 24.

Robert M. O'Neil, law professor

  • “Journalists Hope Court Takes up Plame Case,” Fox News, June 24.

Charles L. Perdue, anthropology professor

  • “Annapolis House Yields Clues to Hoodoo Mysteries,” Washington Post, July 7.

John Pfaltz, computer science professor

  • “Citylink System Goes Live,” Daily Progress, July 5.

Larry J. Sabato, politics professor and director, Center for Politics

  • “Gonnzales: "I'm Not A Candidate",” Denver Post, July 7.
  • “Plan Would Make State No. 2 in Pay For Legislators,” Tribune-Review, July 7.
  • “U.S. Supreme Court: Justice Graham? Not A Chance,” The State, July 6.
  • “Bush's Bolton Options All Carry Risks,” Associated Press, July 5.
  • “Allen Visit Highlights SC Nomination Role,” Greenville News, July 5.
  • “Al Gore Lives,” San Diego Union Tribune, July 3.
  • “The Democrat's Recipe for a Resurgence,” Business Week, July 5.
  • “Reformers Doubt Gains From Early Presidential Primary in N.J.,” Associated Press, July 4.
  • “New Date of Primary a Worry to Reformers,” Star-Ledger (N.J.), July 4.
  • “Graham Could Do Without Recent Accolades,” State (Columbia, S.C.), July 3.
  • “For Virginians, No Break From Campaigning,” Daily Press (Hampton Roads, Va.), July 3.
  • “Bush's Stand on Immigration Riles Some on GOP's Base,” Austin American-Statesman (Texas), July 2.
  • “Byah Urges 'Concensus' Choice For Supreme Court,” Star ( Indianapolis, Ind.), July 2.
  • “Politics Deal With Newcomer, the Blog,” Washington Post, July 5.
  • “Bush's Stand on Immigration Riles Some of the Party's Top Supporters,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 29.
  • “Bush Seeks to Turn U.S. Opinion on Iraq,” Voice Of America, June 29.
  • “Bush Speech: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down,” Associated Press, June 29.
  • “Columba Bush's State-Funded Sightseeing Raises Questions,” Tampa [Fla.] Tribune, June 29.
  • “Media Balks at Carrying Bush's Message,” Associated Press, June 28.
  • “Critics Say Bush Speech Lacked Specifics,” Associated Press, June 28.
  • “President Will Try to Stem Doubt About War: Continuing Violence, American Deaths Spur Comparison to Vietnam,” Harrisburg [Pa.] Patriot-News, June 28.
  • “Kaine Seeks Statewide TV Debate Venue With Kilgore,” Associated Press, June 27.
  • “Hutchison Formally Kicks of Re-Election Campaign,” Austin [Tex.] American-Statesman, June 27.
  • “New Jersey Moves to Hold Early Primary,” New York Times, June 24.
  • “What Do Women Want? Democrats Think They Know,” Media General News Service, June 24.
  • “Why Won't Kilgore Debate Potts,” News Advance, June 24.

Joshua Scott, of the Center for Politics

  • “Local Elections Stir Little Interest Among Voters,” Times-News (Kingsport, Tenn.), July 3.

Ray Smith, Darden professor

  • “It's Not About the Principal,” Charlottesville Daily Progress, June 27.

Matt Smyth, communications director, Center for Politics

  • “Will Values Issues Drive '05 Elections?” Augusta Free Press, June 29.

Robert E. Spekman, Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration at Darden

  • “Verizon-Comcast Battle is a Telecom Title Fight,” (Commentary) Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 3.

Jerry Stenger, research coordinator for the climatologist's office

  • “Summer Dry Spell May be Coming to an End,” Winchester Star, July 2.

Kathryn C. Thornton, former astronaut, aerospace engineering professor and associate dean at the School Of Engineering and Applied Science

  • “Discovery Crew Set for July 13 Launch,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 1.

G. Edward White, law professor

  • “Counter Evolution,” New Republic, July 5.

Ronald Wilcox, Darden School professor

  • “Ten Lukewarm Funds to Buy Now!” Money, July 1.

Richard Guy Wilson, architectural history professor

  • “A Victorian Excursion,” Citizen, July 3.

Anne Wolf, health system research instructor

  • “Obesity is a Killer; We Must Fight Back,” Miami Herald, July 2.

Brantly Womack, foreign affairs professor

  • “Roads Less Taken/For the China we Rarely See,” Daily Progress, June 24.

Timothy Wu, law professor

  • “High Court to Old Media: You Win,” Wall Street Journal, June 28.
  • “Ruling Could Limit Access to Net,” Wall Street Journal, June 28.

For a complete list of citations, see Inside UVA online. To receive Headlines@U.Va. daily via e-mail, a free service of U.Va. News Services, subscribe at www.virginia.edu/topnews/subscribe.html.



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