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Sept. 9 - 22, 2005
Vol. 35, Issue 15
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U.Va. opens its doors

School safety
Aronson aids victims of school siege
The university responds to reports of racial harrassment
Solving large-scale environmental problems
Historic McGregor Room restored
Constitution Day observances
Rolling Stones concert to require parking adjustments
Artist's return spotlights theater talents and social advocacy efforts
AccessUVa helps give Rodney Mills, 26, a bright new future


Digest -- U.Va. Top News Daily

Carr’s Hill playing field gets extensive makeover

Photo by Dan Addison

The grass is always greener when it’s — fake. By all outward appearances, the lush new turf at Carr’s Hill Field looks like any of the University’s other playing fields. In fact, the new field, which is used for club sports, marching band practice, intramurals and academic classes, is artificial. The project, which cost about $1 million, includes a new playing surface and upgrades to underground systems such as sewer pipes, storm water lines and the water main running
NFL players return to Grounds, greet fan

Treatment may reduce heart disease
Americans’ chief health culprit is the metabolic syndrome, a deadly combination of pre-diabetes and heart-disease factors that affects up to 25 percent of the population. U.Va. research-ers have studied obese rats that mimicked the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. The rats show increased insulin and triglyceride levels without a marked increase in glucose. If the results can be translated to humans, agents that reduce chronic inflammation may help keep blood vessels free of atherosclerosis and reduce cardiovascular disease in people who have metabolic syndrome and possibly diabetes. (Sept. 7)



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