Oct. 7 -20, 2005
Vol. 35, Issue 17
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Marshall wins award for discovering link between ulcers and bacteria
Board discusses diversity, salaries, benefits and more

Faculty Senate focuses on diversity issues

Beattie wins $30,000 Rea Award for the short story
Hot topics subject of education conference
Letter to the editor
Harvey sees his role as catalyst and coordinator
Tundra getting greener & warmer
Gorman releases new study of gender bias in hiring
Fiddlin' Beethoven
Lampkin family becomes Lawnies --- again
New additions will address space needs and highlight faculty design excellence
The many sides of 'In/Justice'
Poet W.S. Merwin to read on Oct. 13
Hugo live concert
Campaign struts Health System's stuff


HUGO LIVE concert

Alan Lecompte

Québecois singer and songwriter Alain Lecompte tells the life story of author Victor Hugo “Les Misérables” through 27 of Hugo’s poems set to original music. In French, Lecompte tells of Hugo’s deep belief in liberty and peace, and the power of his convictions in the face of tyranny. Concert program notes in English summarize each poem’s meaning while explaining how it fits within Hugo’s life and thought. For more information, visit http://www.virginia.edu/french/announce/hugo_live.htm.


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