Oct. 21 - Nov. 3, 2005
Vol. 35, Issue 18
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Health premiums changing
Rainey: Campaign will be 'defining event' in taking U.Va. to top 10 to 15  

Cooper works to recriut minority vendors

Team, led by Dr. Dan Theodorescu, wins $6 million grant to study prostate cancer
Research hopes to unlock secrets of high blood preasure
Rolling Stones rock the town
"One-stop' online system allows users to reserve spaces across Grounds for events
'Grandpa Dick' band's No. 1 fan
'Handling Serious Matters Musically'
'The Slaughter of the Innocents' Nov. 4
Despite adversity his art comes from happiness


Stuck on the Road

By Matt Kelly

  • What to do when you’re stalled in traffic on the way to a Rolling Stones concert? Buy Stones T-shirts! Two guys were seen selling tees, car to car, on the gridlocked exit lane on 64 Eastbound.
  • Many people going to the concert elected to hop a special shuttle bus from downtown to Scott Stadium. Demand quickly exceeded capacity, however, so wait times were long. Some fans got creative:

    “Are you going to the stadium,” a lady asked a nonshuttle city bus driver.
    “No, ma’am,” the driver said.
    “How much will you take to go to the stadium?”
    “No, seriously.”


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