Nov. 4- 18, 2005
Vol. 35, Issue 19
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Pay raises
ROTC: Molding military leaders

Warner: Idealism, not cynicism

Gibbs wins Thomas Jefferson Award
Edmundson: Failure is good
Moreno elected to Institute of Medicine
Letter to the editor
Green, Hamlin and Hudson elected AAAS Fellows
Rainey: Campaign will be 'defining event'
Peterson wins Lifetime Achievement Award
Researchers building terahertz spectrum device to study biological molecules
Students construct first ecoMOD house
Better voting machines
Scurry is new interim chief human resource officer
Algorithms with an edge
Math 'Queen of the Sciences'
Fall drama festival
Street children in Kenya find homes
Wahoo space tourist Gregory Olsen to speak
Creative circle


Letter to the editor
CVC funds make a ‘real difference’ in people’s lives

Over the past year, our U.Va. colleagues have generously given support to hurricane, tsunami and earthquake victims around the nation and world. The current Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) gives us a great opportunity to help our neighbors right here in Central Virginia. I would like to encourage everyone to make a gift through payroll deduction (pay off your pledge over 12 months) to the group or groups you feel make the greatest impact on our community: those helping underserved children, running homeless shelters, clinics, doing local disaster relief, literacy, animal welfare, working with the elderly, legal justice for the poor, etc. For the past three years, I have volunteered for a local organization which funds 35 programs like these, and I have seen what a real difference your funds make in people’s lives. Please give through the CVC to help the members of our community who need it most.

Your colleague, Patrick Belisle
Associate director of development, Major Gifts, U.Va. Health System
The CVC runs through Dec. 1. For information, go to


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