Dec. 2 - 15, 2005
Vol. 35, Issue 21
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Stem cells
Preserving the past planning the future

Options abound for public transit commuting

Students build liyes after Katrina
World-renowned german author, jurist and law professor to speak
Symphony and singers premiere family holiday concert
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Stem Cells: Study finds they are bosses, not workers, in tissue repair

For years, scientists believed that adult stem cells, under conditions of reduced oxygen — such as that found in victims of a heart attack or stroke — acted as building blocks by constructing new passageways for blood to bypass damaged tissue. However, a new study by a team of University of Virginia researchers suggests that stem cells act as construction supervisors, directing the work of other cells, rather than doing the heavy lifting themselves. Full story
Preserving the past planning the future
Architect for the University David Neuman joined U.Va. in 2003, after 14 years at Stanford as university architect and associate vice provost for planning. At Stanford, he earned kudos for integrating new designs into the original campus plan devised by legendary landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead. As architect for the University of Virginia, Neuman oversees the 180-year-old Academical Village, and plays a leading role in establishing architectural design guidelines and managing the architectural projects on Grounds. Full story
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