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Feb. 3 - 16, 2006
Vol. 36, Issue 2
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Faculty recruitment, diversity initiatives, South Lawn project top BOV agenda
Bhangra night

Nursing gets largest gift ever

R&D prospects
Senate focus may shift
Athletics gives $25,000 to graduate student research and $25,000 to marching band
Hands-on J-Term class
Urban designer lends expertise to national initiative on New Orleans
New LGBT coordinator keeps the door open for U.Va. community, whether gay, straight or questioning
Artists share 'green' visions
U.Va. launches Society of University Families

Wayward Christian soldiers

Study correlates perceived ball size with batting average
Walter Ridley speaker series
Pinkett to discuss black intellectual entrepreneurship
Women's Center Events
Poet Carol Muske-Dukes Stars at two events on Feb. 15
Feb. 6 forum marks release of Reagan Oral History Project
Suite Jane


Digest -- U.Va. Top News Daily

Your Mother Was Right: No Food or Drink Before Taking Your Temperature
When you are sick with a cold or flu, one of the first things you probably do is take your temperature. And if your mother told you not to eat or drink anything beforehand, she was right. In a recent study by nurses in U.Va.’s Health System, participants consuming cold beverages required 15 minutes for their temperature to return to baseline, while those consuming hot beverages returned to baseline after 23 minutes. For an accurate reading, it’s best not to engage in any activities that may change body or mouth temperature, such as exercise, smoking or chewing gum, said research project coordinator Beth Quatrara. (Jan. 18)

Weldon Cooper Center Releases Virginia’s 2005 Population Estimates
Virginia’s growth continues on the fast track, with population figures reaching more than 7.5 million as of July 1, 2005. Growth in Northern Virginia accounts for 60 percent of the state’s total growth, according to new population estimates produced by U.Va.’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service. Ten state localities grew by more than 10,000 in the last five years. Loudoun County heads the list with a phenomenal population increase of 82,700 — up 49 percent, followed by Prince William County, with an increase of 74,500. Fairfax County, the state’s largest jurisdiction, had 52,400 new residents. (Jan. 30)






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