March 17 - 30, 2006
Vol. 36, Issue 5
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Parking rates to rise June 1

By Brevy Cannon

Beginning June 1, parking rates will rise by $1 a month for those who park in commuter lots and by $4 a month for those in University “reserved” and “premium reserved” lots, Rebecca White, director of Parking and Transportation, announced this week. Rates in the Health System “reserved” parking lots have not yet been announced. Keeping rate increases to a minimum is a goal of P&T, White said.

Students living on Grounds will face a parking rate increase of $6 per month for dormitory lot permits, bringing the price of these permits more in line with the price of other reserved parking lots.

Since its construction three years ago, the Emmet/Ivy garage has been priced as basic commuter parking, even though it’s located in a premium location, because it was considered replacement parking for U-Hall parking lot spaces that were lost during construction of the John Paul Jones Arena. With the new arena’s garage opening this summer, the Emmet/Ivy garage will become “reserved” parking, as originally intended, White explained, and permits for the garage will go from $13 a month to $33. Staff who currently hold permits at Emmet/Ivy will have the first opportunity to purchase these “reserved” spaces.

Since P&T is self-funded, it must cover increasing costs by raising prices, White said. Rising costs include the recent state-mandated classified staff pay raise and fuel prices that are up 40 percent in the past six months compared with the same period a year ago, for a bus system that uses 125,000 gallons of fuel annually. Utility costs are also on the rise.

Because parking demand will continue to outstrip capacity for the foreseeable future, P&T keeps working to expand parking inventory through construction of additional parking facilities. These parking structures are costly (between $15,000 and $30,000 per space) and must be funded through the issuance of bonds and subsequent debt payments. In addition, P&T continues to work on making commuting on mass transit easier. Following the success of a trial program this past October, there will be free transfers for those with staff, faculty, or student IDs between University buses and Charlottesville city buses in April and October of this year to further study how the two systems can be better integrated, White said.

A small portion of the cost increases will be paying for several environmentally friendly initiatives. Fleet cars used by parking officers
are being replaced with diesels and hybrids to reduce emissions. A biodiesel blend of 20 percent soy-based diesel is being used in the buses
and all other diesel vehicles. Parking and Transportation recently adopted an Environmental Management System (EMS) to measure and reduce the overall impact the department has on the environment and specifically improve the management and treatment of storm water runoff in the bus refueling area. In recognition of this new EMS the Department was given a Virginia Environmental Excellence Program award from Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality.

Parking Rates per month
Permit Type 2006-2007* 2005-2006 2004-2005
Commuter (U-Hall, Far Stadium) $14 $13 $12
Reserved (Culbreth, SE corner of Stadium) $33 $29 $24
Premium Reserved (Cabell Hall, Thornton) $43 $39 $34
Student Dormitory $30 $24 $18
  *Starts in July    


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