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Winter 2003

New Improved IS Web Site

Much has happened in the past 2 1/2 years in the evolution and stabilization of the Integrated System, and the IS web site now reflects that progress. A focus group of system users helped prioritize links and information. Thanks to Darcie Cuffia, Mary Leigh Thacker, Kathy Woodson, and Penny Catlett, as well as members of the Financial Usability System Solutions (FUSS) task force for their input on the web site.


  • Fly-outs when you cursor over a home page link allow you to connect directly from the home page to your destination site.
  • A Search function helps you navigate the site, one for the IS site and one for the How Do I? documentation (procedures and navigation).
  • A Forms button takes you directly to the form you are seeking.
  • The Document Repository has been replaced by Finance Links and HR/Payroll Links sites, each housing the documents relevant to those functional areas. The new pages also include links to departmental and informational links that finance users and HR/Payroll users frequently access.
  • A Getting Started site focuses on how a person gets assigned an Integrated System responsibility.
  • The How Do I? site now includes only “Get Help” information and the IS procedures and navigation links.

This is an ever-evolving web site. Your ideas are welcome and encouraged. Please email Carole Horwitz at with your comments.