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Winter 2003

A Note from Virginia Evans, Assistant V.P. for Integrated System Deployment & Support

This first issue of the IS Exchange is part of a series of strategic initiatives ISDS has launched to make sure that the Integrated System will serve the needs of its users. The newsletter provides us with a vehicle to share with you information on how we are proceeding, and hopefully, succeeding in those initiatives. I encourage you to browse the redesigned web site, read about the activities of the "Usability" taskforces, and see if the tips submitted by fellow system users are helpful to you. Read about the 11i upgrade, and click over to the new 11i web site. I hope you will be pleased with the new upgrade now underway.

IS Exchange is truly designed to be an exchange of information between ISDS and the user community. So please send questions, topics about which you would like more information, and hints or tips to share either to me ( or 243-0346) or to Carole Horwitz ( or 924-1627).

Thanks, and I hope you find the IS Exchange useful!
Virginia Evans

Welcome to the New and Improved IS Web Site
Much has happened in the past 2 1/2 years in the evolution and stabilization of the Integrated System, and the IS web site now reflects that progress. A focus group of system users helped prioritize links and information. Thanks to Darcie Cuffia, Mary Leigh Thacker, Kathy Woodson, and Penny Catlett, as well as members of the Financial Usability System Solutions (FUSS) task force for their input on the web site. MORE.

The Focus is on "U"
One of the luxuries of having the Integrated System implementation in the rearview mirror is the opportunity to focus on how the implemented system is working for users of the system. As soon as the Finance phase was stabilized, the ISP formed a reports task force to explore ways to make reports more useful and accessible. Focus groups were convened around issues related to the other financial applications. Following the HR/Payroll phase, a reports group was formed for those applications. MORE.

ISDS Begins 11i Upgrade
Consultants are on board, ISDS staff and others have been trained, and the upgrade effort is underway. 11i ­ here we come.MORE.