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Fall 2004

What Have We Done for You Lately?

The 11i upgrade brought many positive changes with it, but it was only one large step among many to continually improve the Integrated System. A number of improvements have been implemented since the 11i upgrade, among them:

Report Performance run-time:
Several FM Discoverer reports are now running 6 to 10 times faster than previously. ISDS anticipates additional improvement in the near future.

Copy bank and tax information: The cumbersome task of updating an employee’s bank and tax information on a new assignment is being made simpler. With a new method being devised by ISDS and UHR, whenever a new assignment is created for an employee, the system will automatically update all other assignments for that employee with the most recent entries for bank and tax information, regardless of which assignment is primary. UHR will make an announcement when this new method is implemented.

LD Presentation: To alleviate some confusion over several LD issues, Barbara Henry, ISDS Human Resources Director, gave a presentation before the Fiscal Administrators Meeting and HR Users Group, addressing:

  • When to end-date a labor schedule
  • When to terminate an assignment versus an employee
  • Why expenditure types change
  • How to handle labor distribution for work study students

This presentation, including process flows for the first two processes, may be found on the Integrated Systems website.

Major Patchsets Installed on October 24
Patches are applied to the Integrated System regularly to ensure that we have the most current functionality. These often include fixes and enhancements. The October 24th patchsets will affect you in a number of ways:

  • Central HR benefits from several fixes and improvements, one of which allows them to create labor encumbrances. This means that labor encumbrances will now be reflected on grants reports.
  • Revenue Review and Encumbrance forms: When users tried to enter data on the Revenue Review and Encumbrance forms, they had to click through several error messages first. These error messages no longer appear.
  • Award Status Inquiry Actuals now displays the correct direct costs in the Revenue Amount and Invoice Amount columns.
  • Users may now access workflow notifications through their personal homepage.