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Spring 2004

I.S. User Fair Gets Users Ro‘11i’ng
About 500 people “Got Ro11ing with I.S.” on March 3 at the I.S. User Fair. They munched popcorn and ham biscuits, filled meeting rooms for presentations, sat at computers to see 11i (the new version of the Integrated System) first hand, asked questions about purchasing, cost transfers, deposits, effort reports, hiring, payroll, Discoverer, and desktop issues, and, to all appearances, generally had a good time. That is thanks to 100 people who gave presentations or answered questions or demonstrated 11i or filled popcorn bags or otherwise contributed to the multi-faceted event. MORE

Reconciliation Course About Ready for Showtime
The University Auditor, Barbara Deily, has been waiting 20 years for a course that will better teach staff the criticality and process of financial review and reconciliation. While others may not have this long-term perspective, Deily’s wish rose to the top of everyone’s list with the implementation of the Integrated System in July 2002, when well entrenched procedures no longer served the purpose. Now, the FUSS task force, with input from Financial Administration, Office of Sponsored Programs, and the Audit Department, have created that course, and it is about to be rolled out to the University community. MORE

Upgrade Proceeds on Schedule
Four trial upgrades down, one live upgrade to go. All the steps are documented, all the timing fine-tuned. The data has been validated. If there are mismatches, the causes are being explored, and solutions are being pursued. Those solutions must be in place for User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which takes place from March 16 through April 5. MORE

How Do We Get from Here to There?
In one month, we’ll be heading down the home stretch to the 11i version of the Integrated System. On April 15, HRMS specialists will be entering their last employee updates prior to go-live. On April 21, purchasers will be entering their last transactions prior to go-live. At 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 23, no further transactions of any kind will be entered into the system until they can be entered into 11i at 7:00 a.m. on Monday, May 3. MORE